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  1. > southern Europe is under a pretty harsh heatwave with super high temperatures coupled with shrek's swamp levels of humidity

    > there is a tournament on Sunday, in one of the hottest places in my region, fully exposed to the sun from every angle and terrain is quite rough since we're playing on top of a mountain that has no trees, only shrubs.

    > organization has changed the position of a couple of objectives "because they were too close to each other", effectively chancing the whole tournament.

    > 25kms under the sun and 7 objectives, to be completed within 8 hours

    > of course there are no water fountains or streams or anything to collect water from.


    What in the actual fuck is wrong with these people?

    1. StayOnTarget


      I'm predicting a Laurence of Arabia loadout on the horizon 🖖 

    2. Druid799


      That is fecking ridiculous ! There’s no way on the face of this earth your NOT going to have some serious if not life threatening de-hydration situations there ! Who ever is organising it AND still allowing it to go on should be kicked off this one and permanently banned from ever organising another event of any kind .

      Period . 

    3. Skara


      It's gonna be fun.


      Last tournament the organizing team removed a couple of objectives because they weren't the safest thing considering the weather.


      If they're smart, they'll go back to the original plot and maybe bring some extra water bottles for the participants.

      If not, we'll take out sweet revenge when it'll be our turn to organize 😈

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