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    Perfect Condition - No marks or Scuffs. No Original Packaging. Lens is immaculate and records with no issues. Price includes Parcel Force Delivery - Will provide tracking number once dispatched. Payment Via PayPal, Buyer To Cover Fees. SKU: SCOPECAM2-4K-L25 https://shop.runcam.com/runcam-scope-cam-2-4k/ https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/runcam-scope-cam-2-4k Any questions let me know. Happy To Negotiate.



  2. Appreciate the reply, gives me confidence. Took it out over the weekend and performed really well, super happy with the build. and NOTHING broke!!
  3. Nah not really any reason, just enjoying learning to tinker around with my gun, so thought it would be a good target to aim for. I don't think I'll put anymore money in to the gun for now. I'm happy where its at. Was just worried I had really fucked up somewhere. I *think* I've done a good enough job. Just hard to tell
  4. Just threw a titan 2 into my gun yesterday, everything seems to be running okay to me.... The titan app is registering 40-45rps though.... Chrono and sound tests come up 25! Any Ideas why it might be so inaccurate? Peak Current : 70A Avg. Semi Current: 31A Avg. Full Current 13.8A RMS Power Semi 800W RMS Power Auto 337W RMS Power Peak 1700W (?!?!) Might have a look into measuring resistances as well...
  5. Just checked resistance on my motor, its showing as 0.7-0.8 ohms. Meaning in theory it needs 12-16 amps... My batteries should be outputting more than enough to supply the motor. Unless this £10 multimeter from amazon is reading inaccurately.... But yea I'm enjoying it to be honest, just a bit scary when I have no real base line for "good" or "bad" Gets me questioning everything I've done, like my shimjob, still paranoid its awful!
  6. Yea that had crossed my mind too, sound check is showing as the same as IRL ROF. Thanks though ❤️
  7. Recently treated my self to some PTS EPM1 mags, absolutely love them! Was infuriated that the Magpul Ranger plates aren't compatible but along my internet deep dive, I found 3D models that someone had made. Can Be Found Here -Luckily I have a 3D printer! Really happy with how they turned out!
  8. Searched online for specs on my motor but couldn't find a definitive answer, so I've got a multimeter coming tomorrow so I'll check resistance and work it out. Regarding the heat, motor stays very cool after firing it lots, if that helps ? Looking into a new battery in the mean time... Can a battery be *too* strong? Found these two and wasn't too sure if "A" was overkill. A: 11.1V 2000 mAh 25/50C B: 11.1V 1450mAh 25C/50C
  9. Yea it does, from what I've heard its a decent, but very basic mosfet + fuse. It's just weird, on paper, it should be netting 31rps. Thanks

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    Selling the original krytac gears after swapping gears out. The gears have very little wear on them and are basically new. Haven't been short stroked, not missing any teeth. Also comes with 24 shims, 6 of each: 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm and 0.4mm Happy to post, or collection from IP22 4XY


  11. Fairly new at gun teching, decided to give it a shot on my Krytac LVOA S. Currently running 13:1 gearset (The Prometheus wide use), full metal teeth piston, ASG U-22k (22tpa), with an M105 spring. Battery wise - 1300mAH 25C 11.1v Lipos. S/S two teeth of pickup, two teeth of piston. AOE corrected and well shimmed. Getting a decent amount of over spin but not to the point of double feeding/misfeeds and decent compression. Currently getting 22-24 RPS with around 1-1.05J output. In preparation for this build I was expecting nearer 30rps so just wondering where/why I fell short. My main guess is the output of my batteries just isn't enough, or too much resistance etc. Was thinking of getting a slightly beefier battery and see, something with higher current. (40+ amps) Is there any other flaws or problems that are obvious to you guys?...
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    Warrior Assault Dump Pouch - Multicam. £10 Bought recently having never used a dump pouch but wasn't a fan of the extra baggage. Brand New Condition. Genuine ESS Advancer V12 Goggles. £ 10 Comes with clear, yellow and dark tinted lens, with two carry cases, and the carry pouch. Crack on nose bridge, see photo. Yellow & dark lens perfect condition. Clear has slight wear. 2x Mech Face Masks. £8 for both. Black skull full face mesh & Tan half mesh, half fabric. Both with adjustable straps. Only used once. Open to any offers, would rather get it shifted than have it laying around. Will do discounts on multiples too Happy to post, or collection from IP22 4XY


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    Selling a great conditioned Glock 17, only been skirmished twice, only put a few hundred rounds through it. Comes with a full green gas canister, nuprol holster and mag holster. Comes with one leak free mag, feeds great, slide has no problems and stays open on empty mag. Mag has always been stored pressurised. Can send video if requested! Such an awesome side arm, shame to sell it but I don't use it enough to keep it! Pistol retails for £200 on patrol base, holster is £25, so its a real bargain. Happy to post via parcel force or collection from IP22 4XY Accepting Offers, so shoot your shot!


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    Ares Mid Caps 140rd x6: £40 Built in Mag Puls Steel High Caps x4 : £20 Postage and PayPal fees are included.


    - GB

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