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  1. Prefired down for anyone else?

    "Forbidden, you don't have permission, etc"

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AK47frizzle


      Honestly, I just stopped using it. Pretty trashy slow website.

    3. Rogerborg


      The https certificate for www.prefired.com expired on 02/08/2019


      Like with an expired passport though, it still proves that it's them.




      Chrome is happy to connect.


      Firefox does a GET www.prefired.com, which returns a 200 success status, but the response body contains 403 forbidden.  Then the GET favicon.ico is 403.


      Absolute clownshoes.


      tl;dr version - use Chrome, it's sloppy and accommodating.

    4. Musica


      I wouldn't put your payment info in to any site who can't show a valid cert.  

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