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  1. Remember kids, if you don't want an expensive visit to the Dentist....Wear face pro.  (Bloke lost one of his front teeth today...)

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    2. Monkman


      I see a lot of people wearing Delta Mikes and not having them over their face.... My mate was one of them..constantly had it around his neck, sometimes wearing it, sometimes not...he got hit when he forgot to move it up.. lesson learned..hahahaha.


      I tried the Deltamike, found I could breathe better with my Onetigris..but it's a quality item the Deltamike.


    3. Misery


      hah yeah mines always up unless in safe zone lol,dead wary of being shot in face lol so bought a helmet revision gogles and the snood lol,couldnt agree more deffo qaulity peice


    4. Tactical Pith Helmet

      Tactical Pith Helmet

      Site I usually play at warns people about six or seven times in the safety brief about wearing face pro.  


      People still moan about split lips and broken teeth...

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