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  1. Two things... 1) Bullgear hopup unit on A&K Mk46 bloody awesome...range & accuracy is waaay better than stock. :)


    2)Firesupport?  Thinking of buying a TM and getting it upgraded.  Any thoughts on them over Eagle6/Camo etc? 

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    2. Steveocee


      FireSupport. Brilliant service, just bought a Silverback and "toys" from them. All arrived super fast, exactly as ordered and have ordered most of my RIF's from them. One of only a few companies I use for kit.

    3. Lozart


      @Monkman what rubber are you using in the bullgear?


    4. Monkman


      Prommy Purple, but with standard A&K nub

      Twice I sat there last night hovering over the checkout button...but I declined.  My heart said yes..but my wallet said no and with XMAS coming up.   I'm hoping Firesupport will do a similar deal on TM's for Jan...as I may get one then.   Merry Xmas... :)

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