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  1. Sonuva gorram beach.  My MP5K with a 249mm ZCI barrel - but this time with the PTFE tape removed and some actual hop applied - chronoed at 348, 346... 352.


    Back in the bag it went and out came the backup G36C.


    Only after getting home and jumping on AK2M4 did I have a "... wait a second..." moment and remembered that I'd already bought a 229mm ZCI, which is in the backup-backup M4 which was in the bag keeping the G36 company.  Could have had that swapped in in a few minutes.


    Sort yourself out, Rog.


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    2. Musica


      heh at least you have backups when it blows up in your face.


      Does it being longer no mess with  it worknig with a tracer?

    3. Rogerborg


      Tracer's on the pistol, this is just a suppressor.  It's got spring-and-foam internals, which were influencing the BB flight (as in, it was all over the place). Being an honest sort, I took the suppressor off and went and got it re-chroned, and it came out just barely over.  But over is over.  I mean, for that particular chrono, which is a rant for another thread.

    4. Musica


      So how will a shorter barrel fix your issues or you going to have to do away with the suppressor and just chase the 345~ fps

       Think I'll be picking your team next time I see you 





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