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  1. Hope these pics help.

    They are from the Baofeng software disc. 




    1. EDcase


      In the bottom pic you see the Beat Shift column.  Channel 1 has it on so if you can listen to channel 1 on another 888s which has it off or a different model of Baofeng you should hear the effect.


      I read that High/Low power doesn't make much difference but I set mine to Low just in case.

      I also read the W/N should be set to Narrow 


      According to this (analogue) those aren't the right frequencies for PMR channels.

    2. Shamal


      I don't know a lot about the specifications or operating parameters and those were the frequencies already loaded in. They work on the same frequencies as the squad leaders at the nae and for team chat.channels for this year's event were channel 2 squad leader and channel 3 for team chat and I think it was 7 for marshals and emergency.


      I think the beat shift function make the chat scrambled to any radio other than your team.

    3. EDcase


      Hmm that's interesting it worked on the channels.  I guess they all use the Baofeng defaults.

      Yes, BeatShift has to be enabled on sender and receiver to communicate.  Unfortunately if BS is ON it will try to unscramble a normal signal so it will heard distorted.

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