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    Hi all. Unfortunately due to family circumstances I will be selling my best/favourite rif. It is shooting well 2ith no issues whatsoever. Welcome to come and try. It has had BTC Spectre mosfet fitted at firesupport. Will come with 4 mags, 3 batteries with chargers, foregrip and silencer as it came in the box. Any questions please ask.


    London - GB

  2. Hi Standby, Yea i realise I've been a bit, naive would be the word. I will be doing a lot more research around the seller in future. Cheers.
  3. Yes I am beginning to see the error of my ways. I was too excited and just bought the first gun that seemed decent. My mistake.
  4. Apologies for above my spell check is nuts. HaHa. No. This is my fault for being naive. I am just getting into the sport and was relying on honesty I guess. I did not check feedback which is 100% my fault and I have learned my lesson I guess. Good thing is I now have a working gun to take to my first game next Sunday.
  5. Hi all. So I took it to the airsoft shop today. There was a few issues with the weapon. The wiring was damaged inside. The mag release button had a snapped spring behind it. Overall I'm disappointed as I now have had to pay more to have the gun repaired on top of the costomb of my purchase. Still no contact and no reply from the person I bought the car from which Is very disappointing. How can I safeguard myself in the future should I decide to buy again from someone I haven't met? Is there no protection against someone selling a faulty gun? Thanks again for all your help guys. Kind regards,
  6. Thank you. I will take it to my local shop tomorrow and ask about the wiring as I don't want to fiddle about with it and damage it further. Regarding the mag release I still can't figure it out. It just seems loose and slightly broken to me. Didn't manage to take pictures today sorry. After I've been to my local airsoft shop I will update everyone as I'm sure you are all dying to know. Lol. Thanks again for all your help people. Kind regards,
  7. Yea both batteries just started smoking and burning. It's not so much the mags it's the maga release button that is loose and won't press on properly. It's hard to explain. I'll take pics.
  8. This was the add if that helps. I'll put up a video or some pics tomorrow morning when I'm back in the house and hopefully someone can help. Make:classic army Gun/Model: km10 Accessories: Suppressor/ 2 batteries 9.6v/ wallcharger/ 1 high cap mag 2 mid cap mags. Condition: used FPS: 330-345 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n/n Price/Payment: £100+p&p Pictures:Ca km 10 https://imgur.com/gallery/78OyI Used in a few skirmishes this is a brilliant riffle for starting airsoft. Used to be two tone in red could do with a strip and respray. Everything you need too get on the field. Details. High strength polymer receiver 10″ KeyMod handguard Full length 20mm top rail Retractable 6-position adjustable crane stock Detachable flip-up front and rear sights Railed upper receiver perfect for optics Polymer ergonomic motor grip Easy spring-change system gearbox with 9mm bearing bushings Deans-small Tamiya plug adapter included 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel Hi-Capacity magazines included In-line MOSFET unit.
  9. Hi all, I'm new to airsoft, I bought a used rifle from someone on this forum. It wasn't expensive, £100. I just wanted a working rifle to get me started, nothing too heavy. All seemed OK until I received the rifle. It came with 2 batteries, both start smoking folliwed by burning smell when I connect them to the gun. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong and being a complete idiot. It came with 3 mags but when they are in the gun, I have to push the mag release 6 or 7 times very firmly to get the mag put again. Again, not sure if I'm doing something wrong. I didnt want to drag the guys name through the mud so I message both via whatsapp and pm on here but no reply and hasn't been on since I have sent the money. I completely understand that I'm buying a used item and it would have general wear and tear etc but I expected it to be at least fitwo for purpose. I am just wondering if anyone has any advice on what my next steps should be or if anyone thinks I may be being a dumb newb and can help me out but I would love to get some advice. Sorry if there is already a thread open for this kind of thing but I voulfnt find it. Kind regards,
  10. I know I was just kidding. Hiking boots are fine with me.
  11. Right you are. Thanks again I'll do some digging and make sure I'm all glam med up for my first game.
  12. Jeezo. Ive never so fashion conscious in my life. Lol. OK what type of footwear would you suggest so I know what to look for? I'll check it out. Thanks for the suggestion.
  13. Sorry that's my "battlefield" talk coming out. OK so it seems the best advice is to rent and take it from there. Thanks.
  14. OK cool. I've got a pair of timberlands I thought would be ok? I'll rent stuff for the first few times and see what equipment I like and what I feel I will need. I'm in south East London. Are there any sites/maps you would recommend? Are their any places I should look to be going for to buy gear/guns etc.
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