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  1. Thanks for the advice, do you have a link to the rules of RIFT's version? I'll look at ways to not make the middle of field a quagmire. What would you suggest when you get hit with a bar, that you have to return it to the bank? The field we'll be playing has very defined boarders so It wouldn't be too much of an effort to find them if they were to be dropped all over the place. Lots to think about to make a game not just the standard Attack/Defend.
  2. So asides from TDM or CTF etc what interesting game types have you enjoyed playing? I have written a game type, that I'm sure is a variation of other game, let me know your (honest) thoughts. sorry for the wall of text. Run on the bank. · X amount of gold bars (Yellow armbands or something similar) in a central position (Central Bank) on the game zone. · Teams have to transport as many gold bars to their own bank within the game’s time limit. · The team with the most gold bars at the end of the game wins. Game Rules · A teams spawnpoint will be located no less than 20 metres from their own bank. · Players can only carry one gold bar at a time. –TOO HEAVY! · Players can’t camp in the central bank (Distance will be clarified before the game) · If a player is hit while carrying a bar, they must drop it. – Anyone may pick it up. · Players may steal gold bars from the other team’s bank. · Time limit to be set on the day. Player Rules · Unlimited lives · Players respawn when the number of dead players totals 5.
  3. One of our guys has recently brought a GR25 (upgraded with all the bells and whistles)... How come there is such a variance for sites and fps? Some sites keep it 350fps in line with full auto, some set it to 400, and others to 425, similar rules for bolt action being 400-500fps. Obviously some sites are CQB but we're talking about woodland sites where MEDs would be in place. Is there a limit where they wouldn't be viable? i.e. If you had two identical guns one at 400fps and one at 420fps, is there going to be really much noticeable difference? I understand fps isn't the be all and end all, but it seems to be some sort of measurable standard based on energy. I couldn't find this question anywhere but if it is here please link it. Cheers.
  4. Not sure on forum policy about linking to shops.. But Shapeways has what you are after.. https://www.shapeways.com/product/YXJBAE5YM/lens-protector-for-gopro-hero-4-5-session-cameras
  5. I can't seem to work out how to quote someone. I see a post, click quote but the text doesn't come up in the reply box. Sorry for the noob question.
  6. Our group are organising a lot more private games this year which gives us an opportunity to try different scenario's that we otherwise couldn't do on a walk-on. So what game types/scenario's do you like to play? And most importantly why? The most fun game I've played was essentially take the 'item' and hold it in multiple locations for a specific time. It created a great dynamic on defending and attacking certain positions. Once you were all dead or completed the task, the teams would switch. - The winner being the team holding the locations for the longest or completing the objectives. Not taking away from the classic team deathmatch, three respawns on a small map/field.
  7. How do you mean aggressive? Act like berty big bullocks and mouth off to people? Or whilst playing, spray everyone when a couple of shots would suffice? I'm guilty of rushing a lot of the time and often will be virtually spawn killing people. I obviously don't go right up to the spawn point as I'm not online and it would have real life consequences . But I've been called out for doing it by other players who say it breaks the game. Not really sure what the best way is. Surely it's their own fault for allowing me to get so close? To note, the above may sound like bragging, I can assure you I am the one whose acne looks like it has returned after a day of playing. All part of the journey of being a noob I guess.
  8. Apologies for using the term gunsmith (if it's wrong please correct me) but...Who are the best techs you know about/use? The people at my local sites have ordered some nice guns/upgrades/servicing from Skunk airsoft works (a long way away from Devon). They just seem exceedingly busy! On a side note, it's hilarious seeing two people 'debate' and compare their barrel sizes!
  9. Apologies if this has been covered a thousand time but, What are your experiences with support weapons? Do they give any sort of advantage over AEGs? One of our group is looking to get one, but purely for aesthetic reasons. The current thought is just getting a large drum mag. Do milsims and other related events have more varied rules for using them? As we're all pretty new to airsoft the only game type we've played where they have an advantage are ones where full auto is restricted to support only. - With limited ammo for everyone else it really gives them an edge. But otherwise useless for your standard walk on.
  10. A decent pair of walking/hiking boots. I stayed away from 'combat' boots' as they are uncomfortable for the most part. As long as they are: >Comfortable >Fit nicely >Have ankle support >Waterproof (to an extent) >Grip well then you're in good hands. You can pick up the above from about £40 from a surplus shop. Always ask for 'last seasons' stock in hiking shops, you'll be surprised how cheap they are, for essentially the same product.
  11. Hi all, We're a core group of five that caught the airsoft bug back in July. We've only played locally but from the new year will branch out. We've already spent far too much money to run around the woods with, but its been worth it. Cheers
  12. We started in July and go to the UCZ walk ons. Pretty much has been stated already but the CQB walkon at the Bunker is every last Friday of the month. Good group of people, groups range from 10 - 50! The Newton Abbot walking on is every second Sunday of the month. That's woodland, it's alright there but hasn't had as much effort gone into it as much as Skirmish or Adrenaline (by Crealy) We do intend to go to Skirmish at some point in 2017.
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