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  1. Anyone else bored yet?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. sonofsammo


      @rocketdogbert I must be boring then 😂

    3. Skara


      I can still work :(

      which means being bored by default because I can only do a small portion of what I actually have to do.


      When I'm home I can't do anything because living in a flat sucks... I can only plink at a chimney on a roof 40m from my window but that's about it :(

    4. Nick G

      Nick G

      Not yet, servicing all the guns, garden plinking and giving the cars a serious clean inside and out should keep me busy for a good while. Then I'm sure The Boss will find me a few little jobs to do round the house ! Just hope I've got enough BBs to last 

      Oh and cruising the Gun porn on the interweb and compiling a huge wish list 🤣

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