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  1. So yeh I eneded up getting a Bolt B4 SOPMOD and 5 mid cap mags lol
  2. just bought a Bolt B4 SOPMOD shorty for my first gun and 5 mid cap mags
  3. AshOnSnow are you talking about the Socom variant? So for pistols run them on gas and best to go for plastic body like the TM BUT for rifles its best to go for battery operated and metal construction is fine?
  4. Shizbazki thanks for your feedback and it very much does sound like you were in the same kind of situation as I was. Are gas mags preffered over gas cylinders? If anyone else has any feedback I would love to hear it
  5. Ok guys I really cant decide what gun to get for my first one. I mainly play indoors CQ so going for a pistol. I liked the look of WE M9 pistols (not a fan of the Glock). When I was in my local shop at the weekend they suggested going for something TM me being a noob had to look it up ha ha . So now I feel like TM should be the way if I can afford it? Going by the pinned what gun thread up above? My budget im capping myself at £200 for pistol and probably a couple of mags but I do have more cash if someone can find me anything worth getting. Think my problem is I want full metal, gas blow back, black, M9 style, made by TM. Any help would be appreciated as always.
  6. Out of these 2 pistols what would you have an why? WE Hi Capa 4.3 or WE M9A1 Marine Version
  7. Im 30 wanted to do it for years but just started this year
  8. Hey ive been looking at the following ICS MX5 MP5 SD5 with retractable stock does anyone have one or had a shot? Im really looking to buy from Airsoftworld.net so i can try them out in the shop local to me to avoid disappointment. Would this be a good weapon for a first gun ?
  9. I did think it was because I'm a Scot lol. Perfect bought a olive sly profit mask yesterday while at airsoftworlds shop. Got my first taste of other weapons outside the rentals. I'm totally stuck what to go for. Love m4 but I'm mostly going to be playing indoors. Mp5 were just to plasticy and had no weight to them. Cost really isn't an issue as I do plenty of OT at my work
  10. Hi guys played twice at the Fortress Fife and going for the my 3rd gaming night on the 26th of August. Obviously im dying to get my RIF but the whole 3 times in no less than 2 months thing. Is that 3 full days? or is that 3 separate occasions whether half days, full days or nights? I obviously sign in to the site and have done the last 2 times Ive been. Is that what is used as evidence along with my third time to apply for membership? Just ordered a set of Mechanix cammo gloves and thinking of getting Dye i4 mask to. Only played indoor so far and cant wait to try outdoor.
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