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  1. SELTS090

    next gun?(i know right)

    was considering gas but seems to be so much effort and mags seem really expensive
  2. SELTS090

    next gun?(i know right)

    really torn between the scar recoil. 416 recoil or the krytac lmg as it stands! i can see the recoil costing 500 for the gun then x ammount in batteries chargers and mags. im not fussed about the bolt lock option so anyway around this to use normal mags?
  3. hey all. stuck in that predicament again. had so many guns and keep changing in order to find the one that suits me. anyway im looking into the tm recoils or the krytac lmg. dont really know much about the recoils but people have told me you have to put money into them to get started and they only take certain mags? list so far that ive had is: hi cappa gold match krytac sdp krytac spr scorpion evo cyma ak 47 tm aa12 we 888c aeg ares striker - current gun that im enjoying. ares am07 sure theres more that ive forgot about! have a budget of roughly 500 for the gun plus 100 for accessories. just dont know where to look from here!
  4. SELTS090

    tokyo marui sgr 12

    afternall all. anyone heard anything abiut the sgr12 and its date? cant find anything in it which is fustrating!
  5. SELTS090

    side arm loadout

    keep eyeing one of these up! so bloody expensive though so im like do i or dont i! my sniper has gone for some upgrades so awaiting the bill for that too!
  6. SELTS090

    side arm loadout

    evening all looking to get a side arm for my ares striker so im looking for some insperation! not sure what to go for personally as only ever owned a tm gold match and a glock aep. looking to possibly make it an indoor primary too! post away!
  7. SELTS090

    Sniper chest gear?

    perhaps something like this under a top maybe? http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-rigs-plate-carriers-assault-vests/8fields-tactical-pt-tactical-body-armour-olive-green.htm#.WT2y1Z_TXqA
  8. SELTS090

    sniper rifles. sping vs mancraft?

    irrational fear?
  9. SELTS090

    Posting a gun for the first time!

    sorry i tried posting rifles and etc didnt think to search for specific companies. when i searched it just came uo.with all sold threads from the for sale arwa but mucb apreciated
  10. Morning all, had a fair bit of interest in my krytac spr but im cautious about selling via paypal and the post because of people trying to claim their money back from what vie seen. what can i do to cover myself? who can i send it with, is it only parcel force 48hrs? tried to search for info via the search but couldnt find much! any help or advice is appreciated! Thanks
  11. as the title says pretty much. got an ares strike i wanna uograde but dont know which route to go down. any input pros and cons would bbe appreciated!
  12. SELTS090

    G&G Firehawk Stubby First Gun?

    my fingers are about the same. ring size 52 aha got baby hands
  13. SELTS090

    Paintball masks.

    i dont think you can use mesh in paintballing as far as im aware as the colouring goes in your eyes you can be blind. They make that wuite clear to you. i asume its just a miss sales pitch to try get a sale to a new player
  14. SELTS090

    Paintball masks.

    exactly the point. a dye mask could be classed as excessive for outdoor use as its rare you get hit in the face i spose and it can be bulky which can get annoying sometimes. although the dye i4 and i5 are pretty close to the face. personal preference i guess as per usual
  15. SELTS090

    Paintball masks.

    i love ny dye its a godsend for cqb. no fogging or anything with fuol face protection. outdoors its rare you get hit in the face so most people opt for glasses or mesh as its easier to look down the sight and move about i guess without overheating from the sun on the full face protection