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  1. >Friend asks me to look out for 2nd hand TM Breacher

    >Spend all night contemplating buying a TM Breacher for myself 😕

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    2. Druid799


      @Albiscuit and funnily enough it is a s**t load of fun !😂

      @L3wisD can most definitely recommend a TM gas shotty as very BIG fun ! 😍

      when ever there’s doubts about a purchase and any of my team mates ask for help from the others the reply usually is “willpower is for pussy’s REAL men give in and buy it straight away !” DO IT ! DO IT ! DO IT ! DO IT ! DO IT ! DO IT ! DO IT ! DO IT ! DO IT ! DO IT ! DO IT ! DO IT ! DO IT ! DO IT ! DO IT ! DO IT ! DO IT ! DO IT ! DO IT ! DO IT ! DO IT ! 😁

      I do hope my voice of reason has helped you to make the right decision ?😉

    3. rocketdogbert


      I hate the way I expect gas shotguns to  go bang, but they just go phut. 

      Most disappointing.


    4. Druid799


      I had a cheapo Chinese gas shot gun yrs ago that went bang really loudly!😱

      just the once mind , but was really really loud 😳

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