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  1. Tbh, I think the bigger problem stems from using just 4 rounds for each type (which isn't nearly a large enough sample size to draw conclusions from + being given free bbs so there is then the argument of bias), that being said, based on reviews from others, I wouldn't expect different results, and I still want to get my hands on some!
  2. you must really dislike the op It might be a good idea to choose the style of rifle you want first, then to look into options. Sometimes the best designed isn't the best in application, or to your preferences.
  3. Got a Runcam2 - not had too much chance to use it, but seems to catch airsofting, and cycling quite nicely, you can also get different lenses for it, albeit no waterproof case (just yet), Comes in at about £80, with replacement batteries at £9 or so.
  4. affe

    Battery help

    bit of a lengthy read - but should help you understand a bit more about lipos https://infectedairsoft.wordpress.com/tech-info/lithium-polymer-batteries-part-1/ long story short though, a 7.4v lipo, or 9.9v life (these will require a specific charger), or a 9.6v nihm should up your rate of fire from an 8.4.
  5. at the end of the day, its a hobby not sport (despite what some people would have you believe) and there are so many different metrics that you could use to measure how good you are - so I think it's more important to choose an element of the game you like and try and work on/enjoy that. for example, I like getting up quite close, and being up at the front of the action, so I might get shot a bit more that people who hang back a bit, wouldn't say it makes you a worse player than someone who hangs back and gets easier "kills", but gets shot less though.
  6. had a good experience with blaster devils, asg and rocket premiums for .3, also rocket .4 - anyone had any experience with the p&j .3 from taiwan gun, their .4 were too big?
  7. if it's faulty, responsibility of the shop - lot's of airsoft retailers (in my experience) seem to think they're above the law, or just aren't very knowledgeable of it. http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/shopping/consumer-rights-refunds-exchange#must - is a helpful link about the sales of goods act.
  8. After 10 years of airsofting... my very first gun bag!
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