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  1. I'm looking for a mp5 for cheap any ideas?

    1. Lord_Metile


      How cheap? ICS make good sportline MP5's

    2. Hibernator



    3. HSCtheta7


      ASG's JG MP5s are actually really nice. They're only about £130.

  2. Hi Guys & Gals, I have a Well G17 and it works perfectly fine but I can shoot about 3 bb's, then the gun dry fires and I have to pull the side back in order for it to work. any help would be awesome! Thank you, KJ.
  3. So Now I Understand.. How Airsoft Drains You Bank Account.

    1. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      What bank account, I used to have a healthy one - then I discovered airsoft, closely followed by food banks

    2. LuckyStudios
    3. LuckyStudios
  4. Could you give me the link to the short one please? He hasn't bought it, we're waiting until Black Friday! Thank you.
  5. Hi Guys & Gals, My dad is starting airsoft and he has gone for a G&G CM16 Raider, and he wants it to be a CQB gun & remove the stock, question is can you? and where could you put the battery. Any help is awsome, LS.
  6. So with testing and looking I think the MB06 sniper is a rifle that has the change-ability of switching the bolt around, if so, can you guys correct me please, now all I have to do is work on my left eye being dominant. Thank you, K.
  7. Hi Guys, For my loadout, my heart if on a PPQ, but I would like a silencer with it and I have no clue where to start with that. All PPQs are sold out, so if anyone knows anything that would be a great help, It Needs to be a GBB, Thank you, K.
  8. Going to Bluestreak on Sunday, Should be good. :)

  9. First off, Welcome to England, Anyway. My friend has the firstWell MB01 and he says as long as you can deal with a Cr*py scope its a good gun, but as I have been told you need to spend a lot on the scope, so it might be good to go for the second sniper. As well as a paint job for camo. but it's always the users preference. Anyway, Have fun.
  10. When I run out of BB's. The struggle is real.

    1. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      nope buy more or switch to stealthy knife kill....

      is when your battery/gun dies that is the real bitch

    2. LuckyStudios
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