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  1. Has, anyone  had any dealings with DK armaments airsoft either in the past or recently? 

    I am having problems regarding postage, I am wondering if this is business as usual or just a isolated incident. 

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    2. Shamal


      Cool. Glad you got your bits.


      Funnily enought I looked at enola gay Mk5,s and they were a bit on the dear side.


    3. Sniper780


      Really, their tag stuff is cheaper than a few other places in the UK and they had it  stock.


      If I was closer I would have gone in person. The main take away for me was postal time are quite long even with their dpd courier. I may use them in the future if I am desperate but will consider other shops first or If am not in a rush. 

    4. Spiderwuss


      My friends have had issues with their mags but overall they sort things out quickly we go in person the guy who owns it is good but yeah a lil more expensive on some stuff. Better than onlysoft who is down the road and suppodly better had nothing but faulty returns on guns and mags. 

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