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  1. Any advice for phone interviews my guys?

    1. Rogerborg


      Any specific career?


      In general, ask lots of questions and express interest in the answers.  Middle managers tend to love talking about the job.

    2. Aengus


      First job [maybe]. Halfords auto fitter :)


      Will do thank you.

    3. Prisce


      Note down in front of you things you want to know, and things you want the interviewer to know. 


      Also, come across as human, having interests and not being perfect are a good way for someone to know you’ll fit into the team. 


      If its an auto fitter at a store rather than one of their garages, make sure you come across as friendly and easily approachable as you’ll be dealing with public day in day out. If it’s a garage not as important, but still worth considering.

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