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  1. Hi Does anyone know of someone or somewhere in Bristol that does AEG repairs? I've got a simple problem of the positive wire coming off the connector in my AEG, but I can't see how to get access to it to put it back on and the other method seems too fiddly. Thanks
  2. So i'm looking for some new eye pro. Previously used the glasses type design, but now i'm after a sealed google type design. However, I'm struggling to find a some at a reasonable price which don't mist up. Anyone got any recommendations or should I get a mesh pair? Never worn mesh so not sure how it affects vision. Thanks
  3. That does appeal but it's just the weather that makes me think of playing at an indoor site
  4. Yep the 30th is in my diary for airsoft. Trying to decide where to go though. Either black ops or bristol airsoft.
  5. Nice one thanks. The black ops sites would probably be my preference. 30th could be doable.
  6. hi guys Spent the last week or so getting some kit together and now I'm ready to get involved with some airsoft. Would be great to hear from / meet people in bristol who could tell me which are the better sites and perhaps tag along with. Cheers
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