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  1. Daznab

    Airsoft in Cumbria

    Can't find a site in Cumbria,any ideas or help
  2. Daznab

    Airsoft in Cumbria

    Thanks bud
  3. Anyone suggest any good game sites in and around cumbria
  4. Fancy giving it ago and want to know if anyone has or knows how ???
  5. Daznab

    Anyone launched pyros from a m203

    Was thinking something like this
  6. Daznab

    Anyone launched pyros from a m203

    If never seen anyone use them, Al ask the question
  7. Daznab

    Anyone launched pyros from a m203

    Yeah I've seen someone sticking one in the end of an M203 and firing them using a co2 40mm grenade
  8. Daznab

    We 5.1 hi capa co2 mags ?

    Anyone know where I can get some hi capa co2 mags from to fit my WE P14 everywhere seems to be out of stock..?
  9. Daznab

    Help a girl out

    Well if he wants his stuff back tell him to give me a shout,
  10. Anyone fancy getting a 6 man team together ? 6 Man teams, 25 teams maximum. The main tournament format is the card game using the jump off points. There will also be a 'Pistol Run' tournament module. Trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd and Riflemen. Strict chronograph limits as per usual with penalty points given for hot guns on the field. Players not in a team will be matched up to make up extra teams on the day. Players party Sat evening, free camping Sat night and special rates for next day's regular game if doing both events. Costs: £20.00 per player or £30.00 for both days. Written parental consent needed for Sat night camping for under 16s. Not till 4/7/15
  11. Daznab

    Uzi mag pouch

    Looking for something suitable to use as Uzi mag pouches.... mp7 ..P90..? Any ideas welcome Cheers
  12. Daznab

    BB Weight for CQB shotgun game.

    I've had a few items from them and the quality was better than expected... considering the price
  13. Daznab

    SCAR shortage?

    Uuumm caramac
  14. Daznab

    Custom battery packs

    Anyone know where I can get a small custom battery pack made for my Marushin Uzi, battery space is very limited.
  15. Daznab

    New here, new to Airsoft! (Essex)

    Hey play billericay often.....if you see a dude with a tiger stripe M14 that'll be me
  16. Daznab

    Gun picture thread

    Women will never understand
  17. Daznab

    Gun picture thread

    Funny I see the space that needs filling but my girlfriend doesn't
  18. Daznab

    Custom battery packs

    Few pics of what I have' think there's a complete set of internals If he ever needs to buy any spares or his looking to sell ...his put him in touch. And to be honest I got the lot in a auction..... Stupid cat 😺
  19. Daznab

    Custom battery packs

    Yeah I have around 10 mags few low and hi caps... Few spare parts as well from another
  20. Daznab

    Gun picture thread

    On the wall in the man cave... Don't worry the door gets locked
  21. Daznab

    Custom battery packs

    Thanks for the advice I shall get on it........ Any info on the Uzi would be welcome to can't find much about it