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The Mall - Zed Adventures Sub Forum?

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What are the chances of there being a dedicated sub forum for The Mall in Skirmish Sites, Stories & Reviews?


I think it'd be popular enough for discussing game type ideas and tactics, sharing photos and videos from the site etc.


Its certainly a popular enough of a site to warrant it I feel. Especially as a large portion of the forum have played there, and have we've had numerous private forum games there.


What do you think?

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A bit unnecessary I think as all relevant points have probably already been covered.


Its dark and a bit of a maze.

It requires a bit more thought to get the best from than most sites. If your idea of fun is hiding in a bush shooting at a patch of multiglam in different bush its probably not going to suit you.


Main tactics would involve getting stuck in and having fun. Smiling and being stupid helps but getting stroppy and being a dick doesn't.


Photos and videos are generally crap because of the low light levels. Also anybody who thinks they look good in airsoft pictures is delusional. Its almost as sad as dressing as an elf and prancing round the woods with a rubber sword. Airsoft pictures should be in a brown paper bag with the rest of the virgin glossies.


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