Stripping two-tone paint okay?

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i would like to know if i can paint the body of my l 115 NATO mat green i am a reenactor and i have a reenactors licence is it legal  


I assume it's currently 51% or more a bright, non-realistic colour?


The short answer is: yes, in practice, since reenactment is specifically covered under VCRA 2006 S37 (2) (e).


You can stop reading now and get spraying.







Still here?



The pedantic answer is that it's not "legal". The act of turning a non-realistic firearm into a realistic firearm is a criminal offence, always, for everyone.  Nobody is, or can be, pre-authorised or licensed to do so.  You are guilty by default.  What you enjoy is the right to assert a defence to committing that criminal act, and the burden is on you to produce evidence of that defence.


It's a perverse way to legislate, but it's becoming increasingly popular.   See also the continuous motor insurance clause, which is a guilty-until-proven-innocent offence.


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On 9/9/2017 at 6:34 PM, Haru said:

eh, i guess i could wait til i have my defense then strip the paint. its only 2 months anyway



from my interpretation being a skirmisher IS your defense..... 


The UKARA defense is to allow you to purchase a RIF..




This is why I hate these debates

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