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  1. Hi mate


    cant send you a message and wondered where your located to see if we can do a physical swap


    want to email me

    tristanflint @ Hotmail . Co . Uk




  2. Sorry for the late reply yes I've got one
  3. EBR

  4. Make: Stark Arms Glock 17 Stark Arms Gun/Model: 17 Accessories: 2x 50mags Condition: used FPS: 300 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: yyy Price/Payment: cash pay pal Pictures: 140vreasonable offers Looking to sell as I don't use it anymore I had one or two games of it bought an electric pistol and that's all I seem to use now really good gun they come with an aluminium slide as standard really well made as a full auto semi-auto feature
  5. I've got another G&G AK tactical version with rails and a fixed stock would you be interested if so I can send you some pictures
  6. Please remember that it is one post per week, 7 days after the last post, as per forum rules.

    Your sales bump should have been on Wednesday 15 Nov. You next bump will now not be froe Sunday 19 Nov unles you sell the gun.


    Simply edit your original post (OP) and include new price, details or updates, that way you do not bump early.



    Cannot send you PM, you may need to delete some old messages.

    1. L3wisD


      He's at it again @Jedi_Master


      Glock sales thread with no price, with a bump three minutes after making the thread :lol:


      Go get'im!

    2. Jedi_Master


      When you edit the OP to include the price, make sure that it is in the correct place and clear to see.

  7. EBR

    Pice drop 150
  8. If you're still looking I've got a cm EBR which I'm looking to sell I take 160 for it
  9. Make: king arms Gun/Model: svd Accessories: mags Condition: used FPS: 500 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: yyy Price/Payment: cash or pay pal Pictures: 150 king arms svd sniper rifle with a co2 conversion kit the furniture on the gun is ex tone which came off my old Svd . Forgotten is in good condition I swapped the Hop Up bucking out andtge trigger sirer . If you have any questions feel free to drop me a message Open to offers
  10. Make: mod Item: vest Desired Condition: used Swaps/Part Exchange: nnn Budget: 10 each 2 British Army vests for sale feel free to make offers I will post but the buyer covers postage
  11. I've got an M14 EBR make a really good DMR he's got great range hardly ever been used
  12. EBR

    Make: CM Gun/Model: EBR Accessories: 1xmag Condition: used once FPS: 330 ? I think could be 350 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: yyy Price/Payment: cash or pay pal Pictures: 170 07807632686 Hi I'm looking to sell my EBR I've just moved house and it's taking up room I don't have. I'm selling it with one mag but if you want the scope and bipod I'm sure we can come to an agreement I would pick up but I will post buyer covers postage the guns in excellent condition as it's only been used once but the charging handle is the only thing it doesn't work as it's not under spring tension but other than that the gun is in great condition if you're interested in buying I can send you some videos of it shooting and more pictures feel free to text me on the number above thank you
  13. Iv just picket up a we pdw . Need some work need a trigger cear . And i think rhe spring in the piston. Need doing . Eny one do this be for ?