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  1. Opinions on JG AUGs? I've seen lots of things saying they're bad, but ok once upgraded? Also is it worth getting the A1 version, is the scope any good?

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    2. BBrotherwood


      Unless you specifically want an A1 get an A2. You can fit what you like to it then.

    3. Airsoft_Mr B

      Airsoft_Mr B

      I kind of wanted an A1 because I think it looks a lot better (and thought it'd fit loadouts better cos it doesn't look like just a civ variant...but ofc the Australians have upgraded their F88s a lot since they first adopted the AUG so the old style is obsolete now anyway)

      And the A1 is about £30 more and if the scope it a bit sh*t then would be a waste . Yeah I should get the A2

      Cheers btw guys

    4. BBrotherwood


      A2 is a very very poor representation of any weapon produced by Styer/Thale unfortunetly. If you dont wear a face mask the scope on the A1 is just in the sweet spot. With a face mask its very awkward. It is slightly magnified which helps with picking stuff out.