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  1. I don t know if it helps buddy or not but i saw a short video on youtube by landwarrior about the mp9 that keeps it working longer, are you locking the charging handle back before inserting and removing the mags? Aparently this puts less stress on the loading nozzle, i think the spitting out of the bb might be gas dependant or temp dependant,i use predator gas in mine and it cycles ok.
  2. thanks jon hope your enjoying it mate thinking of buying another one now lol
  3. hi i am rubbing my head in disbelief as i have hunted for two months now for a scope mount for my tanaka kar 98 has anyone got any info on a website uk or otherwise that might sell this scope i would be highly apreciciative for any info thanks
  4. i have bought three guns off waterbottle now and postage negotiations and guns where all excellent id highly reccomend this guy to anyone buying guns off this site,with so many cowboys on these forums he is a credit to the sport called airsoft
  5. hey bud howes you ?you got any advice on pistols?
  6. cheers mate thats made my mind up now glock 18c it is ,the weight of the d eagle is the only thing that was worrying me,going to get it on payday next friday can t wait lol
  7. hi guys im looking to get an m14 sniper can anyone give me info on a reliable electric or gas blowback version??
  8. cheers mate you been a big help ,the two guns i was looking at was a dessert eagle full auto and the glock 18c ,so many on the market hard to choose lol
  9. i am not getting tokyo marui ,maybe kws ,khc, can u reccomend a make mate ?or do you think i should invest into an dessert eagle full auto ?
  10. hi guys i m new to airsoft and need proffessional advice on what side arm is pukker at the moment im looking at a glock 18c gas blowback ,any good?
  11. hey bud i bought a g and g gr16 blowback for £150 two weeks ago and never looked back mate its an awesome piece of kit for skirmishing (very accurate)and i ve converted it with a red dot scope and a qd silencer ,i d highly reccomend this gun well worth looking at ,plus the blowback looks cool lol.