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    Been out of the game for a lifetime so will be getting new kit.
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    Moving to Cheltenham, any ideas where's nearby?
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  1. Prepping for a house move and finally decided it's time to get back into airsoft however want to have a clean slate with gear. I have these two WA SV Infinities with 6 mags ( and two lockable cases ) and not sure what they are worth. They'd most likely need a proper once over as they haven't been touched in about a decade. The thumb safety catch is missing on the left hand gun. P.S. I will also be posting about a TM G3 SG/1 and a TM MC51 but need to get some photos first but in case anyone happens to have a ballpark figure for those now I'll ask here first.
  2. Hey and thanks! It looks like Strikeforce is over in Gloucester so only a bus away. Guess I'll be trying my first CQB game soon.
  3. I have a stock TM G3 SG1 ( as well as an MC51 ) that was bought back in the early/mid naughts and hoping to get back into playing but for the time being can't. Was thinking of getting the SG1 upgraded but not sure where to start. I'd like to get it shooting a bit more consistently and would love to remove some of the TM creak if possible. Was thinking of just selling it and getting a modern version but the main options seem to be JG or LCT but as I prefer reuse over repurchase thought it'd be good to maybe bring this gun up to a better standard.
  4. As per my post here I'll be moving to Cheltenham over the summer and would love to get back to playing but as I don't drive getting to woodland sites on sunday mornings via trains/buses is less than ideal so it was pointed out I could potentially solve two issues at the same time and maybe blag a lift from a local to a site and make some friends along the way. So basically, anyone live in Cheltenham?
  5. I used to love pistol only so yea that could certainly be an option. I also hadn't thought of asking around so yea good idea. I'll know noone after the move so could be a good way to meet some people. Just when I thought I was out and all that! Thanks for the welcome back! Yea definitely asking around on here is a good shout! Perfect! Great to know it'd be easy to remove myself. Thanks! Ah right so yea if I can find a way to get to a woodland site with my current stuff I should be all fine in regards to UKARA as I have
  6. Thanks! Sadly without driving it's hard to get to woodland sites, particularly with public transport on a sunday, so I'll most likely only be able to go to CQB sites ( unless there are any woodland sites in city centres near train stations ) and I don't think my G3 SG1 will fit round the corners of many urban sites 🙂 Was thinking of buying something a little smaller than that to literally get in the door.
  7. Hey everyone, so technically I'm not new just haven't played in well over 10 years but would love to get back into the game but have some questions. Namely about UKARA. I bought my stuff long before that all came in and then for the few years after that when I was still playing I didn't buy any new guns and played so sporadically that I never thought to get registered. I don't drive but am moving out of a middle-of-nowhere type location towards civilisation, cheltenham, which means I could potentially get over to Bristol via train for games at the courthouse however back when I used to play
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