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  1. I dunno, I kinda like the helmet. It adds to the look imo, but only when it's actually fitted properly and it's not swinging around getting in the way... that's why I don't wear my helmet The rest of the loadout is very nice too, I'm warming to multicam... Gotta get my own loadout sorted soon.
  2. The TM certainly does have a functional decocker, if it's stuck maybe take the grip off and reseat it? I wouldn't force it though, it bends if you put lots of pressure onto it. Like trying to push it down when the hammer is already decocked... done that once or twice before
  3. High flow valves are literally just that, they replace the standard valves in the mags so they can let more gas through. They're not particularly expensive but you will need one for each mag you have, so if you have a lot of mags it can get pricey but they're worth every penny. Glad to help I had two older style mags with my sig, not saying that you're wrong but mine didn't have a single leaking issue. I think most people never maintain their mags and when they leak, they complain about them. I can promise anyone that mags will never leak as long as they are maintained properly, unless an o-ring breaks then that's different. Though I would have bought the E2 mags if I didn't already have 2 of the old ones, there's less parts to go wrong on the E2 ones. Your mates sig wouldn't work as well with the metal kit as the stock plastic would, it needs more energy to cycle the slide with the kit. That's why you need to add high flow valves and the nineball gas routers. And fair enough to the people who say metal kits aren't worth it, and that you can buy a KJW/KWA ect... but they're made of pot metal. Metal kits are generally made from aluminium and there are a few that are made from steel but there are none made from pot metal. My opinion is, that you can have one of these pot metal sigs for a year, or maybe even a few if you get a good run with it but they'll eventually break down and spares for the KWA aren't exactly an easy thing to source. I'll admit that KJW customer service is supposed to be excellent though. With a metal kitted sig, you're not going to have that problem because given the proper maintenance the aluminium will far outlast any pot metal, and the best part of all is the resale value. You also have the advantage of TM internals and a standard list of parts to choose from if you need a replacement.
  4. Allow me, if you would . Larger hands will get along just fine with a regular P226 grip, but before you commit to buying you might want to try out the E2 grip just for the sake of comparison if nothing else, I don't have the largest hands in the world (medium glove size, I'm not sure how that translates compared to the average hand span or anything but it's a measurement at least) and I got along famously with my P226, as long as I wasn't wearing gloves. To the best of my knowledge there are laser grips available for the E2 but they're going to cost considerably more than an airsoft replica would, but that's to be expected really. A TM with a metal kit can perform awfully or incredibly compared to other pistols depending on what you do to it, yes it seems like a great idea to stick a 150% spring kit into it, but I guarantee you that it won't work very well, or at all if you're unlucky. TM P226's don't do well with a heavy hammer spring, I don't know why but I speak from experience when I say that they just don't work so stick with the stock hammer spring and get high flow valves in all your mags, it does the same job just without the negative effects (the increased amount of force required to push down the hammer, also breaks the decocking lever after a while). Nineball gas routers come highly recommended by everyone who uses them, increased gas consumption, increased kick and FPS... What's the downside? Nothing, because they're basically optimising the flow of gas from the mags to the pistol, and they provide a better seal than stock routers. Cheap and very effective, just add a little bit of silicone grease (not anything else, that's important because the oils and sprays aren't thick enough to maintain a decent seal) to seal it and it's one of the most cost effective upgrades you can get. You can use enhanced recoil springs, but I wouldn't go to mad with them. I think I was using a 130% in my sig before I sold it, but I use a stock one in the winter. Now about the kit you should choose because that might possibly be the most important part of it I highly recommend Prime. I have a Prime kit for my WA 1911 (which actually, I got in trade for my Sig) and not only is it incredibly good looking, it's also very well built. The slide has minimal wiggle in it, making any mag sealing issues practically non-existent. Prime kits are known for quality, you're paying a bit extra for them (around the region of $260 which is about £160 without import taxes ect, when you consider you're paying £140 for the Guarder kit from FS then I'd personally say that it's well worth the extra.) I haven't heard anything bad about the Guarder kit which is good, but I got a chance to handle a friend's Guarder kitted E2 and I'd have to say the finish is only okay. I haven't gotten my hands on a Prime kit for the E2 yet, but they're a reputable company and I'm a bit of a fanboy so I will stand behind any of their products unless I've seen proof that they're bad. It's worth mentioning that Creation and PGC also do kits for the P226, I'm not sure if they do an E2 variant though. I think TM pistols work well because they have a good mag seal, and they're not throwing back a massive lump of heavy metal every time they fire. Less mass - less energy required - more shots ect. The quality plays a huge part in it, they're not precision machined obviously but to function as well as they do, they have to be made within certain tolerances. Generally the better the parts, the better the performance but that's the same with most things. Not always though, so it's worth looking around. And last but not least, I do believe that mags are interchangeable . Sorry if some of that made no sense, I haven't had much sleep.
  5. They make t-shirts from colours now?! I gotta get me one...
  6. Personally when it comes to WE products I've continually been met with disappointment. Less than great internals and a subpar finish is what I've come to expect and I'm not holding out any hope for this one, just adding a lack of innovation to the list. Maybe I'm wrong, and I almost hope I am but I have a feeling that the "decocking" safety will be the weapons weakest link given time to wear in. Also, shimmed my plump round rump. They sound like they've used sand for lube. Easily the most negative view I've had on a recently released product so far, but their P226 did not look too good and the rest of their lineup isn't the best either, bar the non-AR open bolt series. They were quite good, and different.
  7. On the real steel the rails are for laser designators, night vision, ect. On the airsoft model they're added weight though. The stock folds so you can remove the bolt without having to remove the stock entirely, it also makes an easier connection point to the rifle. The stock also comes off so it's easier to store it in a boot of a car or something, you'd have to add the extra length to the case to accommodate the stock and that would make it harder to store so why not just take it off and save space? Apart from that, the rifle is hideously ugly and they should have just made the Remington MSR instead. It has all the practical features of this but I actually like the look of the MSR.
  8. I actually like that, I'm not usually a fan of M4's with carry handles. It's also missing the blank selector plate? Still, it's not really noticeable
  9. Personally I'd only cut off the index finger and even then only half of it, on the shooting hand.
  10. Not really a fan, it took me a while to like the UBR stock. I don't think I'll buy those two though...
  11. Pointless. Completely pointless. Stick to what you do best and make GBBs, not release another AEG in an already saturated market. Make me a GBB everything!
  12. Bought 18 Pmags for £35 Also a set of MBUS, a MOE stock (that was pre-sanded to fit on a milspec stock tube), assorted M4A1 parts for WA M4's, a set of steel glock night sights (£20 ) and 2 glock recoil springs + guides (150% and TM original) Still looking for a few things, namely a MIAD grip for WA GBBRs for considerably less than extortionate prices, and a magnified ACOG among others but that might have to wait a while.
  13. Personally I'm getting a RICAS compact, but I prefer the look of them It's going to be OD too, can't stand tan gear
  14. RS: Kimber 1911's, most of them are awesome and I'd not be fussed which one I got if I could own one here. AS: WA Marsoc, it's a Kimber..... Any questions?
  15. I know TM stock tubes will fit Lipo batts, not sure about ICS but I see no reason why it wouldn't. Can you link the ICS M4 in question? If I'm thinking of the right one, the PEQ box is modelled after a PEQ-2 which is fine in terms of realism.