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  1. Thankyou for your reply, I've got a few springs laying around so I'll give them a test and see, I feel like its nearly there but not! Things should be really close to aligning or aligned, this is my last shot before I'm tempted to take it to a gun tech, I've been good at fixing hi capa's but this thing has been hell since Day 1. The story was that someone sold me it when I first started airsoft online, I did a bank transfer and they sent me this gun in the state that its in now :/ Edit: I've fitted my AW hi capa 5.1 slide to it.. and I managed to hit 20 shots easy, so now I know its not the lower, I've got two different BBU units on it and tried different guide springs on it too. I don't want to take apart my AW slide because its working perfectly but that one works well
  2. Make: any Item: hi capa sights front and back Desired Condition: functional Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n Budget: low/cheap
  3. I've had a bell 1911 for a while, bought it ages ago off someone who said it was fully working, I've bought a TM slide, TM blowback unit, TM gas router to reduce weight and make it better quality overall.. But I'm still managing only 6-7 shots average. Before it'll either half cock and vent or it'll just run out.. Any tips/fixes? I've got 6 mags all TM/kjw/bell so I know its not really them, I'm going to shim them soon just incase.
  4. Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes Any other comments: Extremely nice, sent parts fast even though my payment was on hold through Paypal!
  5. I picked mine up for around £35ish on a forum two years ago, I bought it because I was a beginner and all I saw in my eyes was "CHEAP TM" mine has one safety missing just like yours! Don't forget to advertise the gas efficiency as they're pretty great!
  6. Have anymore mags for these? I have a Centimetre master and I've only got one mag!
  7. Also looking for a 4.3 slide if there's one available!
  8. Make: TM preferably (or lighter parts!) Item:Leaf spring Blowback unit Disconnector recoil spring 100% flow valve piston head sear Desired Condition: working Swaps/Part Exchange: no Budget: low
  9. Make: TM Gun/Model:1911 Desired Condition:Working Desired FPS: Stock Swaps/Part Exchange: Budget: under 100 Just want the pistol no mags, I've got 6, I'd love a video of it working before posting if possible too.
  10. Make: TM Item: Black slide Desired Condition: Used Swaps/Part Exchange: Budget: £10ish? for a low budget project
  11. I'm managing a few shots and then after that I'm getting the hammer half clocked so it can't shoot again, Any ideas?
  12. What do you fill yours with?
  13. Thanks for this! I might pop by aldi today and pick one up! EDIT:just picked one up, they were hard to find since they're in small boxes but they're not bad quality!
  14. Sorry to thread jack but I'd just like someone to confirm/discuss if you can get the ASG to be as quiet as the TM? I'm on a budget and I've heard alot about both. I've heard very mixed things, Id really love someone to do a side by side video/comparison of the sounds they make.
  15. Does this happen with all 1911's or just WE? I've got a bell one thats pissing me off!