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  1. People can't complain when they have their custom Hi-capa's with red and blue slides There's no problem with two tone, if you're that worried like mentioned above, use some camo tape or if you're really on the cheap.. Duct tape!
  2. I thought I'd post here to ask this, Wheres the best section to ask for appraisals? 

    1. Albiscuit


      I suppose gun gear and loadouts.

    2. LightningCh


      I have seen a couple people use the status updates here for appraisals as well. Keep it short enough to be read from the preview and it will be more likely to get a reply.

    3. Jedi_Master


      Would not use status box.  Best place is either in Guns, Gear & loadouts, or in Advice & Technical help. 

  3. http://hadronairsoftdesigns.uk/ Unsure If I'm allowed to link outside but they do good silencers/upgrades here
  4. Make: Any Gun/Model: Any 5.1 variant Desired Condition: boneyard/working lower Desired FPS: stock Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n Budget: Low
  5. I've heard TM m9 ones are a good replacement
  6. Make: any probably JG Gun/Model: Skorpion Desired Condition: working Desired FPS: stock Swaps/Part Exchange: Budget: low, I've seen them pop up on other second hand sites and I've always missed them! Would love one to add to the collection
  7. Bump looking for these parts
  8. Make: Any/Unsure Item: AK47 Pistol grip/Motor cover, AK47 outer barrel (the twin one that covers the top and the bottom) , Handguard (Plastic or wood/fake wood) Wouldn't mind fake wood preferably or wood Desired Condition: Functional Swaps/Part Exchange: Budget: Low, I bought the rifle stupidly cheap on a whim and I want it to be a little project.
  9. The rules are bloody stupid , I saw someone split a hi capa in 2 parts last week and sold them both to the same person
  10. Make: PPS Item: PPS shells red/purple Desired Condition: working Swaps/Part Exchange: Budget: Low, Only need one or two!
  11. If you're wanting something more static then maybe using a sniper could be useful for that kind of gameplay, in theory depending on how you upgraded your gun you'd be able to upgrade the accuracy and distance meaning you've got an advantage overall. Maybe try some woodland events to start with to ease you in then see how you feel from there
  12. Make: Any Item: 4.3 Hicapa Sight Desired Condition: working Swaps/Part Exchange: Budget: Low Looking for a cheap pair to fit on my 4.3 Wanting front and rear
  13. If you've got stock then go to stock and slowly switch everything out but I've heard the blowback unit and loading nozzle are actually different to the usual TM ones, Could be something to do with that Try and make your slide as light as possible and see what happens. Also lubrication is key, any parts that have tension will make the gun struggle to function
  14. Make: Any Item: Front and back sights Desired Condition: functional Swaps/Part Exchange: Budget: cheap as you can!
  15. Make: pps Item: shotgun shells Desired Condition: working Swaps/Part Exchange: Budget: low Needing only 1 or 2 want either red or purple