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Just introducing myself:)

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My name is Simon, Im 19 years old. I currently live in Reading in Berkshire.


I am new to airsoft but have quite a lot of experience in paintball.

My mate took me out on an airsoft game about a month ago. And right now

all I can think about is getting that G&G T4-18:). I wanna knock

those 3 game dates as soon as possible to get a UKARA reg and off I go

to buy all the equipment:)


I was planning to join the Thames Valley Police, I got through all

the application process and right at the very end they told me

my unaided eyesight wasnt good enough... I was so annoyed since I

spent about a year going through the whole thing!

Oh well, stuff happens. I am really into cars, but im not one of those

chavy boy racers in my age you see driving out and about

with their bass turned up so up that you wonder how their faces

stay on when they listen to it:) Im more of a car technician guy

I bought a crappy car for £300 and fixed it right up. Its now

worth around £700 :)


I am studying vehicle maintenance in my local college but I am a postman

until I finish that:). It pays well, its a nice job and it lets me buy all that

airsoft equipment :). What more could you ask for.


I will mostly be playing at the Ambush Adventures in Chobham and

perhaps once a month go try out a random skirmisher throughout England and

Scotland. I hear Scotland isnt too bad and by the looks of the videos on Youtube

made by "scoutthedoggie" its just how I like it:).


I am very patient but when I pull a trigger I could shoot all day:)


Think that about sums it up:)

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hi im new new to airsoft i have a question if anyone can help i have a two tone gun that im wanting to painting all black and just wondering if this is allowed, and if il'd be able to go into games (i'm not planning on seling this gun in the future)

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It's not allowed by law, you have to have your UKARA registration before you can do it legally.

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