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New to Airsoft, What to buy

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Hello there.


I have really wanted to get into the sport of airsoft as it looks really fun. I am yet to have a game as I need to find a site in my area that holds games on Saturdays. I was planning on playing a couple of games to see if im really into the sport and what my style of preference.


But what I wanted to ask you guys here is what should I look for in buying an airsoft gun?


I think for my first gun, im interested in a really long range and accurate gun, but not a sniper. I have heard the term DMR tossed around and have looked at buying an M14 DMR which you can find at redwolf airsoft. I have also looked at the G&G FNC which really caught my attention as its a little bit more mobile than the M14. Should I be going for a gun that is very upgradable and customisable with parts easy to source? My budget is not much over 350 pounds so any recomendations would be great!


any other tips you have about looking for guns would be really appreciated


Thankyou for your help!

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