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KWA EVE-4 First Impressions


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@ak2m4 It's a compatibility thing unfortunately. The PX02 is the closest metal-racked piston to the stock KWA in terms of dimensions (the GB is fractionally oversized to standard V2). It was a heartbreaking purchase - £30 for a piston delivered...😩 BUT it fits the GB perfectly - minimal lateral/vertical movement but moves freely on the rails.


@zknightzero I would suggest the AOE version of the XT Piston head - the AoE needed correcting on my gun - I don't normally bother with AoE corrections in general, but this gun needed it. You might also have to shave the second to last tooth down for clearance - a couple of minutes with a file should sort it.  Oh, and almost all of my guns use POM piston heads from AK2M4. Much prefer them to the aluminium types.





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Thank you for the fast shipping @ak2m4 :)


So as it turns out, after ordering the madbull piston, shims and motor, all I really needed was the motor!


My original concern was how quickly the motor heated up as well as the battery. When I opened it up, I noticed the piston doesn't look stock - this wasn't mentioned in the listing when I purchased it. They had mentioned a tech put in the new nub, titan and trigger, but nothing else:




Whilst the piston head wasnt the best, as it is stock, i suppose if it isn't broken don't fix it. The teeth on it look ok. However, the AOE looked a little odd at first:




Although depending on how you look at it, it's not too bad, especially when you match the next set of teeth, and consider that the previous tech put in sorbothane padding in the cylinder:




Whilst you could shave down that first tooth, the clearance seems fine. I figured I would trust the work that's already been done to it rather than complicating it further. But I will heed your advice @Speedbird_666 - if something seems off in future I'll replace the piston head as I now have the parts to do so!


I have noticed since putting it back together that the safety selector is a bit dodgy, I'll rectify that at some point this weekend. 


I'm new to this sort of tech work so let me know if you think what I've decided is garbage or not lol

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looks like the 1st tooth (the big thick one) is a little high, it could be rubbing against the top of the sector gear, but I've got zero experience of the eve so might just be a "thing".  However is easy fixed grinding it down.  you're right though perhaps leave it for a few games and see how it performs.

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Late reply to this thread , figured I’d ask if anyone was still checking this thread , from what I’ve gathered I’m planning on putting in a MAXX hop , with an sr10 tapper and a maxx 21.25 nozzle . Paired with a gate titan , mad bull piston and dt AOE piston head , still unsure on what motor and gearbox ratio I’m looking at though any suggestions? Also , has anyone checked out the gearbox and knows if I will have to do any shimming? ( that is without changing any motor or gears)

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Apologies for resurecting this thread.


I have a KWA Eve-9 with Gate Titan installed, I need to pull the gearbox apart to clean some dirt from the Titan sensors and would like to install a few upgrades while I'm about it.


From reading this thread I gather the following upgrades are best.


SHS motor (high speed or high torque?)

XT piston head

Madbull Piston


Anything else worth doing? I do not mind spending a bit of cash on getting it running nicely.

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