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CA G36c Thread Type/Suppressor

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Hi All,


I've just installed a MadBull extended Tightbore barrel into my G36 and need a suppressor to house the addition length. Problem is i dont know what type thread i need on the surpressor!. I keep seeing thinks like 14mm CW??? I dont know what this means. So my question is what kind of suppressor thread will fit my G36.


Many thanks in advance

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Right, 14mm CW or clockwise is a silencer for a outer barrel thread that feeds through when you turn clockwise. From what I remember, I believe you need CCW or counter clockwise silencer. Here are two links that may help:





Classic army G36C is quite similar to JG and Marui versions.


However, to hide the additonal tightbore barrel length, you could simply cut off the excess and file it to smooth the sides. By the way, what length tightbore did you get, because 247mm tightbore barrel should fit fine with no excess.

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