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Mitchell Gee

SRC Hop-up in GR16?

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Hi there, sunday my hop-up decided to break, i took it apart fixed the problem and put it all back together, and then it broke again, repeated again, broke again etc etc, so im looking at getting a new hop up... will i be able to install an SRC M4/M16 hop up in my GR16? i know how to put them together and all that, so im looking at ordering soon... i cant be bothered to pay to get my hop-up fixed as it's rubbish anyway...


Anogher question i have is that if i put anogher hop up in my gun, will it feed with different mags?





EDIT: heres the hop up http://www.tacticalairsoftshop.co.uk/produ...System_TAS00578

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i have fixed my hop-up now, please close thread so people dont post things i dont need anymore

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This topic is now closed to further replies.