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I believe that we can no longer legally have this type of list because identifiable personal data is subject to GDPR.  Permission is required from the named person before they can be listed, and if a scammer it is unlikely they would give permission.


Additionally, we do not have a list of "time wasters" because that term is very subjective. 


What you can do is create a topic about being "scammed" and provide the AFUK username and all the particular details of the transaction.  You do not mention whether you were buying or selling. Ask members' advice regarding PayPal or other issues, there will be others who have had similar experience. Due diligence helps.


If you are the buyer then leave feedback on their sales advert, a negative rating will stand out when others look at it.

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Upon looking into this, by all means disclose his usernames or usernames on other forums, but as has been said please don't dox him on here by providing anything that's personally identifiable information: Real name, address, email etc.


If you do have access to his username I'd encourage you to post it here, @Toby B. You're also able to edit the title and OP of this post by editing the first post you made. The full editor will also allow you to change the title.

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