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Appology to Duff!

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Sorry dude, @Duff

G3 wood is on, New scope, Sling is on and it's all looking sexy.

However I went to charge the camera today, and the charger is Kaput. It's got that lovley black coffee gunk all inside it... I don't drink black coffee, the missus does.

New charger is on order, but it might take a few days...

In the mean time I shall verbally explain the gun.

It's long, Sleek, Got all the right curves and some sexy smelling fine wood and oil fragrances, She's got a 10inch black 30mm girth on top with some sneaky little addons, And 3 playfull colour options, and 2 flip up rubber condoms for the business ends. She might have some wear but it's all make up, and under that is a little beast ready to rock. She feels like the priests daughter, A little bit too naughty. 

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No camera on the mobile?


I started using that as was too much of a faff to keep getting out the camera for a quick pic.





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My phone is amusing.

Nokia 3310 3g


I could use it to take a picture.... but it'll be more a "can you tell what it is" than a photograph!

I only use it because it lasts 30 days on one charge. And I have the computer for internet stuff.

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