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G&G GC4 G26 what you think as a first rifle.

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Hi all, 


Was wondering what you all think of the GC4 G26 as a first RIF. I like the look of it and not out of my price range. Though I can't to see what many think of it mostly find the blow back version which this is not. 


One here


Thanks in advance 



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no offense but that price is bollox

They were about 2 years ago doing the G16 & G26 as 30th editions for £150


but yeah you do not want the blowback clickety clackety followed by risk of crackety gearbox

just a regular G&G starter - there are loads of threads knocking about


the G26 - I think the G16 was better looking imho

both are front wired, the front handguard is ok not too wobbly

personally think I prefer rear wired to work on weight/balance

nothing special - G&G combat machines £150 price range not £200 (that is a metal receiver price)


the integral plastic front flip sight - "could" bust if ya drop ya gun with it raised is my gut feeling

personally preferred the G16 30th over the G26 30th but that is just my own personal take


get CM18, Raider 2.0 (not Raider 2.0e), CM15 KR-CQB, maybe FireHawk perhaps etc....

Lots of nice G&G's in the £150 bracket - better than paying £200+ for a G26


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I agree with sitting duck, I think that's overly expensive for a g26. If you're looking for around £200 I would advise doing what I didn't, and get a raider 2.0 and spend the extra £50 on mags and batteries.

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2 minutes ago, Keldon said:

Well thanks for all your advice, I might go with the raider then. 

They're a great little rifle, easy to shift once you want to upgrade as well.


Can't go wrong for the price!

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