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Hop rubber hardness v FPS

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Does anyone know what weight bb the FPS on the hardness scale is measured against?
 Is the FPS of the chosen bb ? or a standard .20g
I'm after a maple leaf for my sniper which is running 495fps on .20s and 350fps on .4s.
I put a guarder 80 hard hop rubber on and I cant seem to set the hop without getting massive bb lift at around 55-60m so not sure if this was too hard.
Recommended hardness / FPS combinations:
- 50 degree: 280-360 FPS
- 60 degree: 295-390 FPS
- 70 degree: 360-460 FPS
- 75 degree: 425-490 FPS
- 80 degree: 490 FPS up

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I wouldn’t use over 75 in anything. Softer tends to anyways be better, at the expense of quicker wear. I would run a 70 bucking in a sniper rifle. 60 for 330-450 and 50 for 280-330. These are maple leaf buckings if it makes a difference. 

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