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  1. I play a Tank-Trax it is in two sections an urban village which is a very fast style skirmish area and the wooded area not huge but last month 60 people soon disappeared ! Check out this Drone footage of recent event. Or google OP Spartan airsoft next event is the 4th Just outside Redruth 30mins down a30 from St Columb .
  2. @P13 .40g but have now put the black cylinder in with a new mapleleaf and the ptfe tape mod along with a m155 sping and its running a bit hot! so will see what the trajectory is like next weekend!!
  3. Does anyone know what weight bb the FPS on the hardness scale is measured against? Is the FPS of the chosen bb ? or a standard .20g I'm after a maple leaf for my sniper which is running 495fps on .20s and 350fps on .4s. I put a guarder 80 hard hop rubber on and I cant seem to set the hop without getting massive bb lift at around 55-60m so not sure if this was too hard. Thanks Recommended hardness / FPS combinations: - 50 degree: 280-360 FPS - 60 degree: 295-390 FPS - 70 degree: 360-460 FPS - 75 degree: 425-490 FPS - 80 degree: 490 FPS up
  4. @Countryman Have done the same changes as yours and getting nearly the same results 495fps with hop off. However the trajectory is way off out at longer ranges and at around 55m rises a significant amount which looks like way to much hop. The airsoftpro hop chamber came with 3 hop nubs which size did you use and which hop rubber did you use and finally how long a barrel? I used a 475mm barrel, guarder hop rubber and the smallest nub but still get too much hop?? Cheers
  5. This all sounds like a great reboot for the forum and for me only using it for 6months or so it has been great with loads of support. Now where do I get a UKARA Licence please?
  6. If you going to spend £300 to upgrade on top of the gun then go for the easy option the SSG24 not sure what the cost is to get into UK you may save £100 going the upgrade way but for what amount of hassle?
  7. This is a dark world you enter! One I entered a while ago without much knowledge. So for me it was get something out of the box with over 450fps and cheap as I just wanted to play (when I started) So with little or know research (bad) I opted for the CYMA 702 from http://www.taiwangun.com/en/spring/cm-702a-cyma?from=listing&campaign-id=19 at just under £90 seemed a bargin. 3 mags and a speed loader, fluted barrel just like the SSG24 bargin. So first skirmish on a fairly windy day rounds were going everywhere with .36 bbs changed the hop and a bit better but still no better than a good aeg. I could however keep a bunch of guys heads down with just me allowing the others the flank. So I started reading/watching youtube following ever lead to see what you could do to get the 702 a little bit better without breaking the bank. After lots of dead ends and oh you need to drill this out etc I came across airsoftpro in czech republic. This company has loads of info on most sniper rifles and has a button on each showing what upgrades are available. So for me a tightbore barrel and the weakness of the 702 a better hope unit for £65 they also do the cnc trigger units but I didnt think mine was too bad. Anyway loads of options so I hope this helped. BW69
  8. The 702 comes(should come) with a dedicated speedloader which is shown in this video. I superglued mine on as it does come off else m24 speedloader cyma
  9. I started a couple of months ago with the same concerns but found that people with a common love of guns is always enough to start a conversation! And as always there are always differing levels of skills when out on the field just remember to call your hits and say sorry if you shot a team member in the back OOPS! have fun
  10. Bough a G&G from War.bear with no problems

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      You can leave selling/buying feedback here https://airsoft-forums.uk/index.php?/forum/23-feedback/

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