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G&G CM16 2.0E no power?

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Hi Guys,


I just got my first gun, the G&G CM16 2.0E. At first, I had power but the gun just gave a clicking noise. I fiddled with motor by taking off the panel at the bottom of the grip and managed to get it firing when that was off. Putting it back together and the firing was start/stop, a bit of a shake it would fire but then stop after a few shots and go back to clicking. Tried fiddling a bit more and then nothing. No clicking at all. There is no light appearing on the circuit board now! I can't believe it's fried so quickly, maybe 500 times I've pulled the trigger. I also tried with 2 fully charged batteries but nothing.


All connections seem fine to me, some of the wires are a little misshaped but again, I can't imagine that is the problem? I was meant to go airsoft tomorrow but without a working gun it might be difficult! Does anyone have any ideas or should I send it back?




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Leave it well alone and organise replacement or refund. Any playing about gives them the chance to blame you for any issues

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