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London stationary SHOPs with Camo?

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Hello, I came here 43 days ago, and I expect to stay here for longer time period.

I would like to buy some real military stuff, but I can't find any stationary shop, with big/huge ammount of things to choose from. I found some pages on the internet, but they dont really have anything to offer.


Im mostly interested in jackets, trousers, and some other equipment.


The camos Im looking for are as follows: Flecktarn, Marpat, DPM, Cadpat, Marpat, and their desert equivalents.


Im aware, that someone might think or say: "dude buy them on the internet". Yeah, I would but I have to try these things first, to see do they fit me, and check their quality. I alreaady had problems while buying online. Everything is of the best quality.., but once you get it it, its not what it meant to be.


Thanks in advance.

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well to be honest whsmiths and staples arent the best places to look! :P

wolf armouries has some dpm stuff


might be worth looking at some of these too



if you want more let me know ill see what i can find

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Army surplus stores in London:




or a few more here:




you will be lucky to find a shop that sells a full range of camo that you have listed. In fact there is not a shop in the UK that sells all of that camo. Most shops will sell DPM and Flecktarn, with a possibility of some US patterns as well. Cadpat is normally bought off the interent and imported from Canada/US.


You could try flecktarn, but they are in Surrey so you would need a train/bus/taxi to get to them as they seem out of the way

http://www.flecktarn.co.uk/contact.html Excellent sellers and highly recomended.


anyway hope that helps

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