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  1. bigshep

    Disappointment with G&P SR25 DMR

    So going back to the Op and slating the manufacturer. Having read the thread I just want to get this straight in my head: 1: you bought a brand new gun 2: you then gave said gun to a shop to do a crap load of work on it including fitting new tightbore, new hop rubber, upgrade spring/gearbox and fit a new motor. 3: you now have had loads of problems including a badly fitted hop rubber, locked to single shot breaking and range issues. I would put the blame firmly on the shop/tech who upgraded this, not the original manufacturer, as there is not much left original except the body, am I correct? Just thinking out loud.
  2. bigshep

    APS urban Assault Rifle – discuss...

    Ok, you are mistaken here. The magazines that come with the gun are "hicaps" which hold 150 rounds or there abouts and have a wheel which means they rattle a bit. You can buy proper midcaps, which look identical, but hold 60 rounds. I have both, and both cost about £7 plus postage. So hicaps come with a wheel or a battery or a winding tool midcaps have a long spring low caps have a short spring and tend to hold "real" magazine ammo loads, or 30 rounds.
  3. bigshep

    APS urban Assault Rifle – discuss...

    Yes I am saying that it will only take NON APS mid cap magazines AFTER you modify the magwell. However at £7 per magazine, you may as well buy APS midcaps.
  4. bigshep

    APS urban Assault Rifle – discuss...

    I have one, and I like it. Accuracy is very good, and I like the ergonomics, but then I also liked my RS type 97B as well.. As for mags, well it is a bit temperamental. It takes plastic ICS mags, but not metal as they are a bit heavy and pull the front down very slightly, just enough to not engage. If you want mid caps, that are not APS (their midcaps are 60 round ones) then you have to modify the mag well slightly as it has a spring which pops the mags out when the release is pressed. I removed these and lengthend the space behind the hop a bit (about 1cm) and now it takes mid caps. I have a metal ACM mag which I will try this week. It takes stick batteries and I run it on my old 9.6V and it runs happily. Easy to take apart and put back together again, unlike my RS97B. Quite light as it is made of plastic, but does not feel really plasticy if you know what I mean. So would I recommend it: Yes, but to start with just use the APS magazines. Hicaps are 160 round and mid caps are 60 round. you can pick them up from www.Taiwangun.com for £7 each plus postage.
  5. bigshep

    The happy thread!

    Just got back from a very exhausting weekend of living history and battle re-enactment at a little known place called Waterloo. Very satisfying sitting around a campfire, drinking cherry beer, in the orchard of Hougoumont farm. Just got to clean all the mud and rust off my kit for another event this weekend near Salisbury. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2346769/Brits-bash-French-Waterloo--Three-thousand-actors-recreate-famous-battle-198-years-Wellington-beat-Napoleon.html There was not 3,000 of us, more like 900, but I am just about in 1 of the pictures firing a very impressive British volley
  6. Mine would be quite good, but it only manages 3 rounds per minute, and requires quite a bit of prep time to make the cartridges up in advance.
  7. bigshep

    what do you ride (motorbike)

    Not enough Unicorns on them for my taste
  8. bigshep

    what do you ride (motorbike)

    Naff, if you get the bonnie t100 then get the arrow "performance" exhaust with it. The baffles are very easy to get out, not that I have done that with my Thruxton in any way whatsoever, or that it mentions they are easy to remove in the handbook either. If they do happen to fall out then the bike sounds like a bloody spitfire, it just roars I have as much fun pottling around on this at 60mph as I did on my GPZ1100 at speeds a tad higher than that
  9. bigshep


    sold ics l86 to him, good comms throughout, good buyer
  10. bigshep

    The angry thread!

  11. bigshep

    what do you ride (motorbike)

    At the moment I have a Triumph Thruxton cafe racer, and she is definately a fair weather bike. my list of bikes over the last 22 years is: Suzuki Gp100 (learnt to ride on this and learnt bike maintenance on this, was in a group where most guys were 10+ years older than me, and happy to help) Honda 400 super dream (blew up 2 engines, one on the way to my first Hell's Angel's bash) Suzuki GS550 (did 90,000 miles on it) (was paying over £800+ insurance on it 20 years ago, when earning £1.75 per hour bottle washing) Suzuki GS750 Honda CB750 kawasaki GPZ1100 (had for 16 years from new) my Triumph, as I needed to slow down, and a straight though exhausts are great fun.
  12. bigshep

    What are you driving?

    Got a fetish for dwarves have ya?
  13. bigshep

    What are you driving?

    I have a vectra 1.8 for work and towing stuff around the country, I have the wife's astra for when I run out of fuel, and I have a triumph 900 Thruxton for when its nice (so does not get used much) As for insurance. When I insured my 400cc Honda Superdream back in 1990, after I passed my test, it cost me £800, and I was earning £1.75 per hour at the time!
  14. bigshep

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Just bought a couple of guns as back up/loaners. A stockless JG beta spetz (got single point sling and fore grip on it from my spares box) a full metal, full stock dhboys beta. Already modded them with xt60 connectors, put a spare barrel in the full stock and a silencer on it. Looks like I am going full circle back to AK's, so my cxp is going up for sale to fund a AKM and a RPK!
  15. bigshep

    battlefield 3

    nothing better than running round a corner and shotty to the face, as you know the real human the other end has just jumped 5' off their seat!