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army armament r85. any good?

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Been looking at the army r85a1 looks ideal with metal body etc.


Anyone own one and can give me the full specs? 

Is the gearbox metal. Does it accept other magazines. Whats the build quality like. Can parts be exhcanged with other l85 airspft guns


Seems a bargain at half the price of the ics im sure there is probly a reason for that but im seriously interested in one and would like a lowdown on it before i put money aside for it.







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Hello I wonder if you are still after this information after all this time?


I cannot compare the two for you but I own and have now skirmished with my R85.


It is quite heavy but it is well built. Internally the lower gear box is metal. The upper gears themselves are plastic. The word on the net is that I have bought myself problems. The Blow Back system is weak and that has been disabled on mine from day one. The piston is not standard apparently. However this place seems to have overcome the lot of that and if I break mine this is where it is going. https://www.airsoftworld.net/pickup-and-deliver-piston-sector-gear-and-spacer-upgrade-for-r85.html Still cheaper than an ICS?


The rifle out of the box will push 400fps so you will be into it for springs if you find one new from day one. I have so far put in a M100 to no noticeable change and M90 for 280fps and will this weekend try a Sp95. Watch this space! Hopefully this saves someone some money and aggravation.


I have a solid amount of experience on the SA80A2 and the rifle feels very authentic. Mags are standard M4. The only ones that wont fit so far are Magpul eMags.


All told I'm pleased with my rifle. I didn't buy it to skirmish but its up there with the big boys when I have.

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A couple of years ago I had three of these, one bought 2nd hand whole and the other two made from parts sold by various people.  They were very easy to work on and the gearbox splits, so you can change the gears without having to worry about the spring and change the spring without having to split the gearbox.


The AA R85 is a clone of the G&G version.  All the parts are the same, so spares are easy to come by.  As Countryman said, the blow back is a waste of time and only moves the charging handle, so disconnecting it is simple and recommended. They do suffer from burning of the contacts in the trigger unit, so either replace with a G&G unit, or fit a Mosfet.  This can also help with the semi auto function, as OE ones can tend to double fire on semi, or not fire at all except in auto. Other than that they are quite heavy, being mostly steel, but if you give them a bit of TLC they can be quite accurate and nice to shoot, especially if you want an authentic Brit look.


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