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Looking to start my setup

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Hi, fresh from my first experiance with airsoft this weekend, and wanting to get some propper clothing and a weapon (not straight away due to neesing to get registered and want a rif)


Quite fancy a sas style get up, like black CQ style if thats a thing. Dont want to spend hundreds on gear just yet but would like to look the part aswell as have bb holders etc. 


Could anyone point me in the direction im looking

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Hi, glad your enjoying it.  cant give a lot of advise especially on black as i started with british army surplus and then moved to aftermarket gear.


my priorities if starting from scratch

primary weapon - spend most of your budget here along with a couple of hicaps or 3-4 midcaps.  the rifle will be your biggest investment and you want to be happy with it.  read lots of reviews and forums once you have an idea of what your after

secondary - if you want a pistol i would go for a gas blow back, they are a giggle to fire compared to an aeg but need more TLC after a game regreasing and cleaning.  myself and the wife both run WE pistols and while they are not classed as the best on the market, price is pretty good and the new builds seem to be pretty solid

clothing - go for the best you can get and look around at real world military clothing, in my view it lastls longer,, is lighter, breathes better and is usually rain resistant which will become important when your out for 4 or 5 hours any day in the UK

after getting these basics i would look at how i want my kit/pouches etc and if i want a chest rig/plate carrier or battle belt



if i was starting again i would probably spend a bit of cash on getting some decent quality trousers with decent cargo pockets to hold my mags until making a decision on the rest of the kit.  something like 5.11 tac lite trousers at around £50.  these are tough and water resistant, they have internal pockets for neorene knee pad protectors.  the knee pads to fit are around £20 and look really thin but do a great job.  the wife has had a pair for 3 years gaming and hiking and dont seem to be wearing at all.


depending on your budget


chest rigs seem to be low cost for a fair bit of room to store mags and pyro, downside the pouches are usually attached to the straps and cant be moved around to suit you


molle battle belts are a better option but will usually be more expensive, allow for pouches to be repositioned as you build your kit and give a great deal of room to mount them, they also keep everything off the front so you can get prone if needed. a plate carrier can also be run with these 


plate carrier - to me you only need one if your carrying a big load, going for a specific unit loadout which will put the cost up to get the right one or if the bb's really hurt too much.



here are a few brands i would use in the future, this is only based on what i have tried and you can find plenty of views on kit arund the forums and google


viper - low cost, molle on pouches varies greatly - some secure well others are a right pain or feel loose

condor - seem to be a decent quality and decent price

FMA - seem to be good quality and price, limited range in the UK, euro shops like gunfire tend to carry larger ranges and FMA seem to do copies of the latest RS products - not quite exact copies but fairly good


if you want a better quality for a little higher price i would look at someone like Warrior assault systems that have been used/designed by the guys you mentioned by the looks of it.  not sure on availability in black at the minute but high end quality and a lot of the gear is much lower priced than the competition for their market like LB trading, wendy, blue force and hsgi.




gunfire uk - based in poland, had a few orders so far from them with no issues

patrol base - great range in store, nice guys to visit and talk to.  can be a bit hit and miss on the phone

military 1st - decent customer service and good range at a wide range of prices for kit

firesupport - airsoft gunstore, very helpfull service and wide range

tactree - good range and good quality gear. 5.11 distributor

uk tactical - military supplier now selling to the public stockist of warrior, blackhawk, arcetryix








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The above post is very good and covers most of what I had to say.


I will say however, I started looking at an authentic 90s SAS loadout as I picked up a Nomex suit and ex issue vest and it was almost impossible for me to continue. I didnt want the restrictions of the weapon choices, the leather belts and pouches were impossible to find or too expensive and I just went with a black SF inspired look which I keep tweaking to fit my weapons, playstyle and the sites I play.


If starting again I would start slowly. Your gear will change depending on your weapons and sites you play. Start with the basics (guns aside) the best quality eye pro you can afford (eye pro s a pain to find what suits you, mesk, goggles, glasses, full face etc GOOD LUCK) decent base layers in black. I started with a black longsleeve T and cargo trousers from primark, I still use them today and boots.


After that its load carrying, the options are listed above but again it is all personal choice and weapon depending. I have had vests, rigs, plate carriers and now generally only use a belt. The ammount of crap I have in the garage I need to sell is crazy :( 


But like I said buy slowly, get the basics and slowly add stuff when you need it. Dont buy stuff that looks great, only get stuff to address a problem or to make things easier in a game for yourself otherwise you will end up with a ton of crap you are not sure why you bought and enough gear for 5 loadouts you will never play in you will also end up wasting money.


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