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Could someone help me? Need info on these guns I found?

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 What would you like to know?? 


The top one, no idea but it has a hi-cap mag and what appear to be motor cables out the grip so probs an actual airsoft gun. 


Bottom appear to be cheap toys like those available from sites with "bb" in the name and not really comparable to an "airsoft" gun apart from calibre of projectile and no good for skirmishes except novelty factor

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Top one was a Green 2-tone one that was stripped off I think

bottom two are crappy JBBG and not worth the time

the bottom orange M4 has no receiver pins so is screwed together - kiddy rip off JBBG gun

might nick the grip off it - that is about the best thing on it

the orange MP7 if it works then a plinker or something if it works

if either don't work then forget about them completely


Top mini M4 should have a metal gearbox with say 6mm bushings in there and was a £130 gun

lose the scope for a better one or cheap flip sights

not a bad cqb gun and worth a go or mild tweak - just don't go nutz

maybe the mini scopes would be better for the CQB Stubby M4

but if they came from a cheapo china JBBG kiddy gun they most likely are crap


The Stubby M4 is the only one worth a look imho

if that one fires ok then that is the important thing 


here is the gun in orange 2-tone...


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Yes that is it mate that's the one, I'm in Newcastle am not sure if anywhere here does things with these, I will try get it up and going thou, I shot myself with little orange one today and that hurt lmao so will be keeping black one 

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Would be a good idea to edit your first post and include some details of what you want to know about the guns.  Your title mentions some guns you found, so is that an issue of how to dispose or return them?

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The Stubby M4 seems to be missing motor plate at bottom of pistol grip

with the wires poking out and motor missing

Looks like somebody tried painting over the green than stripped off the paint


You need a motor plate & motor the screws are likely to be self-tapping into plastic grip

if you got the plate but threads stripped you could use slightly larger screws

motor plate should be a large flat head to adjust motor height

shouldn't be one of them poxy ones with a tiny 5mm disc & 1.5mm or so allen key on


Short of going on & on about the gun it seems to be a project gun - but depends on your ability

if you are not sure ask a local club or shop about a bit of tech work perhaps

think you might be missing a tiny m4 receiver gearbox pin just above trigger

NOPE - it is still there, just slipped out slightly

reckon somebody took it apart to spray it and didn't pay attention putting it back properly

(lost bits or it broke and they had a go at it)


But it is a metal M4 stubby stock that could be worth getting fixed up on the cheap

don't go too nutz coz you could buy new for about £126 if the 10% code RC10 still works

I'm waffling too much again 

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15 minutes ago, YoungRPG said:

I work in waste recycling I come across them, I just wanted to know what kind they were that's all imageproxy.php?img=&key=8a6dfc3cbec528b1


The orange ones if they work ok you could shove on a local Free Ads paper

sell to a 18 year old no problem - not a young kid u18

this a requirement by law VCRA orange guns are immitation firearms or IF's

can be sold to 18+ but not kids, can be bought by parent & gifted to kids

but YOU must sell to 18 year old by law !!!!


The iffy black one now painted is a IF and requires the seller - YOU btw

This must be sold to a person who has a defense or reason to own a RIF (realistic immitation firearm)

Even if it is faulty the seller must ensure they sell to a 18+ WITH DEFENSE

normally we are on a database or member of a local club acting as a reason to own a Realistic or RIF

It is just how the law is to satisfy legal requirements so we can can continue to play with realistic toy guns


You could flogg the black one on here or elsewhere

but you need to check or assurances the buyer meets the requirements


That is in a nutshell the gist of it

the orange ones are crap but still a kid needs an adult to buy them for them

the black one is faulty fixer upper but DOES need a defense

You are responsible for the sale so YOU should follow these requirements if you sell on

There are stickies and such on here about the responsibility of the seller etc....

hope some of this helps

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