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Airsoft_Mr B

Tippmann HPA Conversion Parts

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Hi again all,


I don't want to be that guy...but it seems I really have lost the bag of spares included with the Tippmann M4 and subsequently the 3-4 components in it needed to convert from CO2 to HPA.

I moved last month and might have missed them, but I am certain they were left in one place and, of course, when I come to dig them out (since I've ordered an Amped Airsoft High Pressure Line - total order coming in at £90+ import duty and fees and everything being > £25 alone) they're not there, I've checked the box multiple times, and my gun bag and pistol sleeve and all the other boxes I can think I might have moved them to.


So...is there anywhere I can get the right parts? Noted that Tippmann's own 'Deluxe' parts kit includes the necessary locking tab piece but not the essential adaptor part itself. The threaded end piece I can see is mentioned, is less important, as I actually have a Ninja PTC fitting included with my air line, which is a replacement for the standard slide-check part.


I guess my only other option, if no alternative source(s), is to contact Tippmann themselves directly? I have heard appraisals of how good they are, supposedly being very helpful with this exact situation; providing spare parts. Pretty f*cked if they don't though.


Hope someone can help and thanks in advance as well.

Thanks in advance,


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On 16/08/2017 at 2:18 PM, Tommikka said:

I can't easily find specific UK Tippmann tech support contact details, but they are the tech guys at BZ paintball & are very helpful


try contacting via:



Thank you man I have messaged them and hopefully they can give me some advice soon. 

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