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Can I buy a 4.5mm gun without a license?

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Hi guys, not sure if I'm even allowed to talk about these kind of guns on here, but can I anyway legally buy a gun that fires 4.5mm steel BB's without a license of any sort?

I have a jericho 941 6mm airsoft and it is awesome, it fires steel 6mm BB's that weigh just over .8g (it is same build as the 4.5mm one but just 6mm instead, for plastic bb's really, but can fire steel BB's but not make a habit of it probably due to weight). It loses velocity quick so doesn't travel far but close-by it wouldn't be nice impact if it hit you. 


I'm not looking for any kind of weapon if that's how it sounds, imo these guns are bad for self defense, you can not leave cartridge in and when you need to get to a intruder do you really have the time to get your co2 pistol loaded lol? No. Grab the bloody bat or peppersray lol.


Any replies appreciated :)

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