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  1. Hi guys, not sure if I'm even allowed to talk about these kind of guns on here, but can I anyway legally buy a gun that fires 4.5mm steel BB's without a license of any sort? I have a jericho 941 6mm airsoft and it is awesome, it fires steel 6mm BB's that weigh just over .8g (it is same build as the 4.5mm one but just 6mm instead, for plastic bb's really, but can fire steel BB's but not make a habit of it probably due to weight). It loses velocity quick so doesn't travel far but close-by it wouldn't be nice impact if it hit you. I'm not looking for any kind of weapon if that's how it sounds, imo these guns are bad for self defense, you can not leave cartridge in and when you need to get to a intruder do you really have the time to get your co2 pistol loaded lol? No. Grab the bloody bat or peppersray lol. Any replies appreciated
  2. Cheers mate I get you dude, I may as well just stay with 13A.
  3. No ampmeter here mate. For shavers and toothbrushes they sell EU to UK adapters with just 1amp. How about a 5amp then would that do? Without damaging the battery or even worse a fire lol.
  4. Yes mate the fuse cartridge itself can easily be changed, in fact there's a whole variation of them downstairs in the drawer . Think I should change it to a lower one?
  5. Thanks mate, I know exactly what you mean about what type of items take which fuses going on their power output. I can buy lower amp adapters from the same place pretty cheap. What would you suggest mate? From my understanding if something went wrong it wouldn't be the fuse it would be the actual appliance or battery trying to receive more electric than it should (acting a bit abnormal).
  6. Hi guys, got my first new AEG gun and like it, cybergun cqb M4. I bought a 13amp EU to UK adapter as it came with a EU 2 pin charger. I charged it for 3-4 hours and its done the job. I just hope I am ok to use the 13A fuse or should i use one with a lower fuse.?
  7. I'm already thinking about getting a new gun tbh. Don't get me wrong this well G292M pistol is not too bad but not very well built it has a leak which I'm fixing with electrical tape on top of the co2 cartridges lol, but what ya expect from one of the bunch of 'BB' sites that happen to all have the same contact number lol, I suppose they do just sell really cheaply built things and somebody is bound to I suppose in this business. I can't see the gun lasting long even though it is performing pretty good for now and is very powerful I'd say, but will that last? I ordered a faulty one of this gun because the hexagon hole on the co2 screw cap worn out and rounded so ordered a faulty gun just for that part, but after making the order I made a new hex hole in it by filing down the bottom an allan key the size above the current one then just bashed it through, looks perfect tbh lol. Still waiting on the faulty one so see how that turns out to be lol.
  8. My first gun I got a few days ago is a well g292m NBB co2 pistol. I've just now discovered that 'well' are also the people that do KWC and blackviper too. I was going to get a kwc jericho 941 as well lol
  9. Hi, I'm new to all this so sorry if I'm asking something obvious. I have spent a lot of time researching the websites that sell all the guns and all of them seem to have complaints about faulty products. Some say not to buy from anywhere with 'BB' in their site name, but others all have a bit of bad rep here and there somewhere online about faulty products and/or bad customer service. So basically with buying airguns is the nature of it just 'hit n miss' pretty much? It makes sense to me that you can't expect all guns to work really well for a long time because of what they are like finicky things. Or do some of them really just con to some degree?
  10. Doesn't matter now guys, on a known UK airgun sales site there are selling these guns faulty but cheap so I will just buy one and have not just the cap but an extra magazine too
  11. Hi guys, new here and new to airsoft. 4 days ago I bought a well g292m air pistol and now the hexagonal hole for the allen key is worn and the key now just slips. I can still take it on and off but just got to be careful now about putting it tight or can't get it off. I wish I spent more money on a better one tbh, it has great accuracy and close grouping and I'm a newb! Just I heard the cartridge caps need to be nice and tight, but think I've gone too far, worn it out and nearly made a neat round hole. Any other suggestions on what I could do are much appreciated
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