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What is your 2 or 3 favourite guns and why?

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Hi All, im sure this has been a topic done before, sorry if it is but i thought i would start one up again as im interested in knowing and lets face it our favourite guns can change quite a lot..


So What is your two favourite guns and why? tell us why and add some pictures if you like, they can be airsoft or airguns,.. :)


Ok i know this can be a very hard question and to be honest it is very hard for me to answer too, so if you cant pick just  go for 3 instead..


I Will start things off, lets see if i can just pick 2 by the time i stop typing lol..


Ok then 1st up is my KWC Colt 1911, the reason this is one of my favourite guns is for a few reasons..


The gun started its life as the KWC Swiss Arms P1911, the 4.5mm airgun version.. and i got it customized, mirror polished and engraved with what i wanted on it, so the pistol is a bit of a one of kind pistol which is always nice to have. Heres some pictures, first up, how it started its life to how it looks now.
















Although its a head turner if your a 1911 fan but Looks aside though i do like how the gun functions, shoots nice and has a great kick to it, the recoil is nice and strong, these older versions of the KWC 1911 pistols do have their flaws but i tend to over look them as its not big issues, would this be in my top list if it was not a one of a kind customized gun, maybe not, but still awesome guns..


Next up is my TM Hi-Capa Gold Match.. the reason for this gun is, it just ticks all the boxes its as simple as that, good quality, very accurate short and long range, and works flawlessly is ALL weather conditions, not half bad looking either..






:lol: Nope i could not do it, it has to be 3,, next up is another airgun and thats my Umarex Walther Lever Action Rifle, for those that dont know its .177 pellet and powered from a 88g co2.. to be honest there are shed loads of reason i love this rifle and it just had to be in my favourites list but to name just a few, once again its great quality, mostly made of steel and real wood, it feels and looks lovely, give pellet on pellet accuracy at 10m but even at 25 yards it will give tight groupings, although its oes not have recoil its still great fun to shot the action along gives you that, lever action rifles are one of my favourite times of rifles anyway,, im lucky and belong to firearms clubs and most of my family members have their FAC so i get to shot all sorts of RS gun, lever actions included, and i can say i get nearly as much fun out of this Umarex Walther Lever Action Rifle as i do the RS versions.  Picture time.




Tucked away in my rifle rack, :)




It was hard for me not to up the list to about 10 guns HAHA..

So Whats yours, i look forward to having a read and seeing some of your guns..

Happy Shooting All..

ATB, Marc..


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@Marc.RG1 NO AIRGUNS.  This is an airsoft forum. 



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