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  1. who knows mate, i have only ever kepted my channel to airsoft and airguns mostly airsoft, but who knows the radicals could start use airsoft nowadays.. lol well no point me keep moaning i just got to start moving forward if it the end of my channel and youtube days so be it, got a lovely wife and kid, and many nice people on my two go-to forums to speak to.
  2. I have always been and will be a shooter first before a youtuber, i do all shooting sports mate, airsoft/airguns and real steel, be it target shooting or clay. Im not going to lie skirmishing days are behind me now due to ill health but the sport and other aspects of it is not.. but when years of your work is taking away its very disheartening.. Hi All, first of i just want to say thank you to everyone for your support. Yes all this is shocking and very disheartening for our hobby and sport, and is outrageous to be honest, i am not the only one to be targeted many others have too. youtube has way to many double standards thats for sure, and as some have said if i had 1 video out of my 200+ that was going against youtubes terms and guidelines, which im pretty sure it was not, why not just delete that video, not my whole channel and about 3 years worth of work. lewis could be right in the fact they might not have liked the word functional silencer, but dam type that in to youtube and see what you get lol.. I touched on this a little already but i have filled out an appeal form and sent it to youtube but ten minutes later got a reply saying my appeal has been refused and my channel will stay suspended and accorded to there terms and guidelines a suspended channel is prevented from creating a new channel so even though i have all my videoes backed up on pc making a new channel does not seem to be an option anyway.. I do not swear in my videos, i have never showed irresponsible use of airsoft or airguns in my videos and even to the point in every video description i state this: The Replica Airguns and Airsoft "weapons" on my channel and in my collection are all essentially non lethal sporting guns that fire 4.5mm BB's, .177 pellets or 6mm plastic BBs and are legal to own in the UK, USA and many other countries worldwide, with certain guidelines and laws in place that I always adhere to.. I Do Not condone or agree with any type of violence or the misuse of replica guns or firearms of any type, or any other weapons. For our shooting sports and hobby to continue everyone should respect the law in your country and abide by the rules and regulations. Like i say making youtube videos and Helping People was a big part in me continuing with the hobby/sport (just like this forum and others are) but it was more then that for me, i dont talk about this much as i tend to keep my private life private, but being disabled and house bound most of the time making youtube videos, was a big outlet for me and helped my time and mental state as silly as that may sound, but not only that, it helped fund my hobby, lol dont get me wrong my channel was small so i was only making around £12 to £18 a month but that did add up and was funding my hobby, oh and i was just £10 off getting my next payment, which i will not get now lol.. i can't emphasize enough, it was not the money that made me start making youtube videos, it was down to me wanting to help people as i found way to many youtubers just knocking out unboxing after unboxing but was not really there to help people. so this has effected me in a few ways. To be honest im going to try and continue with the hobby, maybe just let a few guns go for now, im not going to be hasty though, but i shoot them much less then i used to, so making videos on them was one of the reason to kept so many of them, but i will still continue to go to gun club when possible and shoot RS with the family thats and shoot airsoft etc from time to time for sure, and of course i will show my head on here still just maybe not as much as i used to, we will see what happens.. Of course i will contact youtube again and see if theres a way forward in me getting my channel ban lifted but apart from that i dont know what else i can do.. Making my own website though is not really an option for a few reasons, i would not know where to start for one lol.. Hope you all have a good weekend im going to go try and chill out now, thanks again everyone, its people like you that make our hobby/sport great.. All the best, marc
  3. Thank you mate, hopefully youtube will get back to me with a proper explanation on why my channel was suspended and I can get it recovered. Took me years to build that I can't go through all that again. ATB Marc
  4. bye bye youtube channel, wtf youtube.. :(

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    2. Marc.RG1


      not a clue mate 1 video out of my 200+ was have meant to broken youtubes rules and guidelines, which it did not lol, they have refused to lift the ban, the whole airsoft/airgun/rs sports are under attack and small channels like mine will get hit first..

    3. Gepard


      Yeah, didn't see the thread with the details. Sucks man :(

    4. Marc.RG1


      cheers mate, its still early days i guess so we will see what the future holds. :) happy shooting bud

  5. Mods and admin i sincerely apologise if i have put this in the wrong place.. Hi all, so yeah not a nice topic this one, i have just had two back to back emails from youtube saying: We'd like to inform you that due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines (, your YouTube account Clustermarc's Airsoft & Airgun Reviews & More has been suspended. WTF, The video of mine that has meant! to have caused this is a video review i did years ago "Airsoft gun functioning silencer ACTION S.T. Suppressor" i have opened an appeal, but with my luck it will not surprise me if i have lost my channel for good, i remember when this happend to mozzieblue a few years ago. It has took me a good few years to build my channel and i have worked hard on it and helping people so if i do loose it for good, i think that would push me over the edge and i would not create another, to be totally honest i think it would make me give up the hobby too as the youtube side for me was a huge factor in me continuing with the sport/hobby.. i have appealed but youtube have already replied saying my channel will stay suspended, they did not state the reasons but just stated the video in question repeated to break rules and guidelines, unfortunately you can only appeal once as well Wish me luck guys, i dont want to put a downer on things but if this is the end of my channel it could well me the end of the hobby for me two.. Happy Shooting All. ATB, Marc..
  6. Hi lewis, i just sent you my money mate, let me know if you got it ok. ATB, Marc..
  7. Hi Lewis, cheers buddy. I checked and you got my order right. I will pay you late this evening ATB Marc
  8. Make: TM Compatible Item: magwell Desired Condition: any Swaps/Part Exchange: maybe Budget: bargain Hi all. As the title says I'm after a cheap TM Hi-capa 5.1 Compatible Magwell, any condition cheap as possible, I thought I would ask here first before looking into buying a cheap one from HK.. Going to be doing to speed dry fire drills so thought I would put one on the gun I'll be using.. Thanks all. ATB Marc
  9. Yeah very easy, don't cheat like I did for the sake of the video though, totally remove the frame first. ATB Marc
  10. Lewis can you put me down for one of these grey and black ones please mate.. They look great and I can use it to help promote the forum as well
  11. Been using my scar l gbbr on red gas the last few days, just works better all round, even put the red gas in the WE XDM compact as that gun hates the cold weather, that fired OK too.. Red gas in one of my custom built hi-capas worked great, to be honest that always works great anyway but as I was testing the red gas in others I thought it would be rude not to try red gas in my limcat custom, worked really well I think I'll only be running it on red gas in the winter from now on, lol well until I get my hands on some guarder power up black gas, I think my limcat custom built hi-capa is about the only gun I'm willing to use with the guarder power up gas.. So yeah good old gas guns couldn't live without them. Lol Happy shooting all. ATB Marc
  12. Totally agree I use gas guns all year round too. As I say give me a gas gun over a AEG any time..
  13. No problem mate..
  14. For me it's gas all the way, they are also simple to work on, yes they do have there downfalls like not being perfect in the winter and are not as cost effective to run, but im not a lover of AEG's to be totally honest. Dont get me wrong AEG's are very good for all the reasons stated above, they are just not my cup of tea that's all. I shoot all types of guns from RS to airsoft and airguns but I don't not own a AEG, obviously I owned them years ago but they never stayed in my collection long and have tried them since, but they are just not for me. To open up a can of warms but I feel its good to hear both sides The reason I don't like them is sound and the is lack of realism, reminds me too much of star wars and sewing machines lol. The TM recoils are ok, great in some ways but still I'd rather a GBB. Be greedy and get both mate lol. ATB Marc