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  1. yeah im thinking that too
  2. glad your happy with it mate. happy shooting..
  3. yeah definitely, it was a bargain pistol at £25 so if i throw another £40 on paint, it will still be a bargain project gun to be fair.. white then im off now getting ready for gun club, hopefully next week ill start work on this. but in the meantime what are your thoughts, black or mirror polished barrel? ATB, Marc..
  4. Cheers mate yeah me too, well to be honest i love the idea but also have been put off doing it for a long time, because, how long is the thing going to stay white lol, a long time if i dont use it, not long maybe if i do, ill dont think ill be taking it to gun club that often.. ATB, Marc..
  5. Hi all I thought I would share my next project with you, well it will only be my next project if I don't change my mind on the gun to use lol.. I going to turn the look of this gun into something different. My thoughts and idea are I want a white gun in my collection, So this is my rough idea, I'm going to turn my WE XDM 3.8 Compact into a gun that looks similar to this. My plan is all white gun with black controls and sights and trades and the barrel will also be black of mirror polished, I've not decided yet. First of all I'm just going to get Mike cripps to cerakote my slide for me, then if I like how the white looks, and to make sure I don't want a white and tan gun, then depending on what I decide, a few weeks later I will send him the frame to paint white with cerakote as well. Painting the controls sights and barrel etc I will do myself to keep costs down as I have the paint for that. So yeah that's my next project. Looking forward to it. I will post all update here.. Happy Shooting All. ATB Marc
  6. That's it I'm going to stock up haha
  7. i totally agree.. i just tried loggin in on my pc and its still blocking the forum, im not that fust no more to be honest..
  8. i must admit, when i did my shooting tests with them (only a few hundred shots) i did not have any break inside my gbb guns, had one or two break on impact, but i was soon put off my the metal shaving and how soft they are compared to geoffs and others, and they accuracy was not as good as geoffs either. I guess they needed to add the extra weight some how, but if geoffs manage to do 0.36g with just solid plastic im pretty sure madbull could do so with 0.43g too.. ATB, Marc..
  9. see my last post guys.. ATB, Marc,,
  10. Here you go guys, i could not find my old pictures so just took some new ones. Here are the madbull 0.43 magnetic bbs with the metal shavings.. ATB, Marc..
  11. No mate as some are magnetic, I have tested them I might have a picture somewhere or maybe even some bbs left I'll check later.. ATB Marc
  12. Both look very good to be, liking the logo too
  13. Geoffs or the draft club bbs are my go to, and both are extremely hard.. Some heavy weight bbs such as mad bull can use metal shavings and this does make the bbs soft.. Geoffs and the draft club bbs only use solid condensed plastic no matter what what, best bbs on the market in my opinion. ATB Marc
  14. It's been happening for many many months, if they was going to sort it I'm sure they would have done it by now unfortunately, but to be totally honest, this forum is much better anyway.. ATB Marc
  15. Hi Frankie welcome to the forum