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  1. Haha.. paper score targets don't tend to shout much lol. Happy Shooting. ATB Marc
  2. Although I don't have one YET I also recommend the ghk g5, if your after light weight and compact and reliable and even in cold days, it's definitely the rifle for you.. Iove my WE Scar L gbbr, it's lovely looking and very realistic, but it does suffer from cool down quite a bit or it's not going to be a gun for the winter, but I'll just shoot the RS stuff more in the winter, but the ghk g5 is for sure the next gbbr on my list.. Happy Shooting ATB Marc
  3. Make: any Item: flash hider Desired Condition: any but metal Swaps/Part Exchange: maybe Budget: £5 - £8 Hi all, as the title says really.. Let me know if you have any ATB Marc
  4. hi mate welcome to the forum, very nice rifles you have there to.
  5. Hi All. thank you to those who entered. the results are in and the winner is VW T5 Travels.. Happy Shooting All.. ATB, Marc..
  6. Hi mate, what gun will you be putting it on and what's your budget? ATB Marc
  7. Vapetech are a pretty good brand i used to use them for years on my RC stuff.. Here you go guys, you can get them direct.. ATB, Marc..
  8. Store in a cool dry place and ventilated place and out of the reach of children will be just fine. So out of direct sunlight generally do not expose to temperatures above 49 degrees C, And 100% take the adapter off when not in use and when traveling with it.. When it comes to transporting it to games and clubs etc, you have a few choices, either a little hard case or tool box but also your standard gear bag will do, just use common sense when transporting it, keeping it protected is always better then not, the pure propane cylinders are mostly made from steel so are much stronger then airsoft green gas tin cans. ATB, Marc..
  9. Hello mate, that's for the reply and info, it totally makes sense, after posting this picture on another place I was also told it's like a hood for longer rifles, I have plenty of longer rifle cases so I think I will definitely cut it out of this case as I'll never use it, might do that tomorrow Happy Shooting. ATB Marc
  10. Hi All, a few weeks ago i got a new rifle case for my WE Scar L as i wanted a nice short tactical one.. Picked this up on ebay for £15 delivered which i thought was a bit of a bargain. It has what i can only assume is a protective barrel or stock sleeve that comes attached to the inside of the case, it winds me up a little though so i might cut that out lol.. It also comes with a few strap types, carry handle, shoulder strap and back straps, although ill only be using the carry handle the others are handy to have, and it has lots of compartments which will be very handy.. All in all, im quite happy with this case, does its job nicely and was a bargain.. Happy Shooting All.. ATB, Marc..
  11. New

    Welcome to the forum and this awesome hobby mate
  12. Yeah that's awesome, who needs clothes when you can have guns lol.. Awesome collection to..
  13. my pistol accessories giveaway video is now on youtube and the forum.. good luck all..


    1. Georgeturner2001
    2. Marc.RG1


      Awesome good luck mate :)

  14. Hello Everyone, A BIG Thank you for helping me reach 2k subscribers, i am very grateful for all your support.. As a thank you i am doing this little prize giveaway, in this FREE to enter prize giveaway competition, 1 winner will get a pistol universal tactical rail mount and a mini red dot sight, i have done a full review on the mini red dot sight so you can see it in more detail on my review video, i have also reviewed a pistol universal tactical rail mount, but the one that i am giving away in this video is much better, I will leave links to both review videos in the video description.. HOW TO ENTER : To enter this FREE prize giveaway is very easy, all you need to do is be subscribed to my youtube channel and add the comment, ''PRIZE GIVEAWAY ENTRY'' in the videos comment section, doing this will give you 1 entry into the prize draw.. But if you are also following me on instagram and you also leave the same comment ''PRIZE GIVEAWAY ENTRY'' and include your Youtube name on the pistol accessories prize giveaway picture, you will get an extra entry, so thats 2 entries into the prize draw.. RULES TO ENTER : There are only two rules you need to follow to get entered into the pistol accessories prize giveaway. 1.) You Must Be A Subscriber To My Youtube Channel. 2.) You Must Enter The Correct Comment, ''PRIZE GIVEAWAY ENTRY'' HOW WILL YOU WIN : The giveaway will run and you will be about to enter up until the 1st of September 2017. Then i Will use a randomiser app or program to pick the winner. I Will then do a follow up video shortly after announing the winner. I will let he prize giveaway run for about two weeks, entries will close on the 1st of september 2017, then sortly after, i will do a follow up video announcing the winner and i will also contact you on youtube, please try and reply to me as soon as possible so i can arange to get the accessories posted to you, you can also contact me via youtubes messaging system, or via my clustermarc email address.. I will be doing more prize givaways in the future and hopefully the bigger my channel gets the bigger the prizes can be too. Good Luck Everyone And Thanks Again For All Your Support. Take Care And Happy Shooting.. ATB, Marc..
  15. Hi mate, I'm pretty sure your asg p09 is made by kjw but licensed (trademarked) by asg. From the research I have found when looking to buy the gun myself with a co2 magazine using in warm weather and using 0.20g bbs the fps was around 350-380 so could be a little high for game days, but it the winter the fps and joules will drop a little but could still fire a little hot.. If you also shoot at home though you could get the co2 magazine for use at home, and then test it out yourself to, so either way it would not be a waste of money ATB Marc