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Keen newbie in Surrey/London

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Hey everyone,


I joined this forum a little while back, but I decided to make this introduction anyhow.


I've been into airsoft even since I watched action comedy skits on YouTube when I was about eight years old or so. Since then I have wanted to play airsoft, and only recently have I had the money, time, effort, and intelligence to get into it, but my god, I'm happy that I did!


Surprisingly, I've gone straight for a GBBR carbine. Whilst this may be frowned upon by many, as a G&G Combat Machine gun is often recommended for starters, I'm much happier with my GHK G5 with a carbine kit, which I got for the same price as the G&G would be. Let's hope I get used to stripping it down and lubing it up!


Being in Surrey, I have a few good woodland sites near me, and there are bound to be some great CQB sites in London!


Anyhow, this forum is incredibly friendly, useful, reliable, and fun. So glad to be a part of it :)

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Welcome :)

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