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Strikeforce Badlands

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This is a newish site and there is no review about it here yet. So:


It is a military land warfare training area. Nice and quite big. The land is mainly flat with many low hills and ditches, that are 1-2 meters high or low. There are many open fields and some bushes or groups of trees that are extremely hard to get through.

There are bunker areas and a building too. All in all, there are plenty of cover and ways to get around without being seen.

The safe zone is in a large building with everything you need. The parking area is good, and this Sunday there were over 50 cars and we could park on a runway without any problems.


The marshalls were there, and approachable. There weren't any in-game problems but wherever I went I could have been able to fetch a marshall if I wanted to.


This was a skirmish with over 100 players and the field wasn't crowded.

The line at the chrono station grew long and they started the game a bit late.

The briefing was short and was missing a few things. Nothing serious but it could be improved.


The games were okay. Team deathmatch, area domination. The last one was a terminator game (he shoots for the guy whose hand is on his shoulder and he can't be killed) was a fun shootout.

They had a fireteam who could shoot any other teams to balance out the sides. That was a good thing, I didn't feel the sides imbalanced.


I think we had more breaks than games though.

Starting late, then an hour long game, 30 mins break, 30 mins game, an hour long break, 30 mins game...


An other nice improvement could be if they would cut some more paths in the bushes or just thin them a bit. Now the roads where the players could get through the bushes became choke points with standing battles.


The players were good, I didn't hear complaints about hit taking, and only met with some bending the rules in two occasions, nothing serious.


At the end of the day they announced that there will be two games a month, one of those is milsim / light milsim. Well that's something I look forward to.


This is a good site with the possibility of becoming great.

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